Why California Gay Marriage Ruling is Bad

A California Court overturned the state’s ban on gay marriage and it is a very bad thing for our society. I will not get into the debate on gay marriage. People who read this blog know that I am opposed to it. Part of my opposition is based upon my religious beliefs and part on the idea that government can overturn centuries of tradition and run counter to most religions. I have never understood why government is involved in the marriage business because it is a religious union and having government regulate it seems to run counter to keeping government out of religion. Despite my feelings, the ruling is bad for a much more sinister reason.

The court overturned the will of the people. Californians voted not to allow gay marriage. The people of the state voted on a referendum and the people determined they did not want to allow gay marriage and yet, a court has overturned this. The courts are in place to rule on matters of law. By overturning a law voted on by the people, the court overstepped its bounds and went counter to the people’s will.

There are procedures in place. The initiative was in place and people voted and in the end the gay marriage advocates lost. Instead of accepting the will of the people they turned to the courts thus leading to a court making law instead of interpreting it. Californians voted to make marriage a union between one man and one woman. The court decided it knew better than the people and, in effect, ignored centuries of precedent and tradition in order to give marriage a new meaning.

Our society has been on a downward spiral for about 100 years and the federal government is helping it along by following in the footsteps of other great civilizations that fell by the wayside. Gay marriage is one more item of decadence that helps keep the spiral turning.

But more insidious is the breakdown of our system of government where the judicial branch assumes legislative responsibility and, worse yet, thwarts the will of the people. The court was dominated by Republicans who demonstrated that our once great party is in its final stages of life. When the end finally arrives the country will be dominated by liberals in both parties and this can only mean the end will come even sooner.

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55 Responses to “Why California Gay Marriage Ruling is Bad”

  1. Thomas says:

    You cannot be more clear;

    By overturning a law voted on by the people, the court overstepped its bounds and went counter to the people’s will.

    That’s it – end of story. You wrote it, you own it. Show me one of those “different articles”. I’m curious to read one.

    As for the DSM on homosexuality, it was not changed by the APA due to some sort of gay lobby. You just made that up. Give me a link that substantiates that. Sure, there were protests at their annual meetings, but a scientific body does not re-evaluate their positions based on protests.

    In this case, research on human sexuality by people like Alfred Kinsey and Evelyn Hooker shed new light on the issue. The medical community is not immune to old prejudices. It requires a concensus of the APA membership to change the DSM, and the evidence was clear to them.

    I’m curious what, exactly, your role in the medical profession is. I’m pretty sure you’re not an MD or Ph.D.

    Thomass last blog post..Your Civics Lesson

  2. Cao says:

    Those that turn the gay marriage issue into a civil rights issue are missing the boat.

    There is nothing “natural” about anal sex…or women lying with women. If that’s “natural”, then let’s legalize polygamy, beastiality and pedophelia.

    This is just deviant behavior.

    Homosexuals are deviants; they are not an ‘oppressed group’.

  3. kender says:

    Thomas, alcoholism causes diseases to happen, but they happen from the abuse the alcoholic inflicts on themselves. It is a choice to drink too much, smoke too much or use drugs that destroy ones body.


    The fact that personal responsibility has been taken out of the equation and that people can blame their bad choices on outside forces is part of the problem.

    The fact that you either cannot grasp that fact or willingly ignore it proves my earlier comments to you.

    I stand by my assessment of you being an idiot, stupid, gullible and a moron and now need to add in brainwashed, indoctrinated and hopeless.

    It is people such as yourself, that believe as you do and think as you do that is directly the reason this country is where she is now and where she is headed. Congratulations on doing your part to destroy what was once a great nation, ASSHAT!

    kenders last blog post..How John McCain Can End Welfare and Save the Environment

  4. Cao says:

    The opinions of the entire medical community?

    That is hilarious.

    Kinsey was known as the great scientist of sex, the man who fearlessly and dispassionately sorted out the true nature of our sexuality from the false, unscientific beliefs that have for so long hidden the truth from us. The standard picture of Kinsey depicted during his lifetime was the dour scientist dressed in a lab coat, patiently sorting through reams of data with his equally reputable and objective coworkers.

    That picture of Kinsey does not reveal who Kinsey really was. In fact, such pictures were carefully staged by Kinsey and his “research” team as part of their ongoing propaganda campaign. Behind the scenes, we find the real Kinsey: a homosexual and a sado-masochist, bent on using the trappings of science to force his perversions upon society.

    See: Dedicated Scientist or Sexual Deviant?

    Wiker: The sole purpose of Kinsey’s various studies was to legitimate any and every kind of sexual activity, from adultery and homosexuality, to pedophilia and bestiality. Kinsey himself was, from his very early youth, a sado-masochistic homosexual. His father, Alfred Sr., was a staunch, no-nonsense Protestant who ran the household with an iron fist. Of course, young Alfred hid his sexual perversions from his father, and the contradiction between his outward moral uprightness and his inward, hidden sexual distortions caused him great anxiety. But by the time he went to graduate school, Kinsey was determined to use science to eliminate this anxiety. How? By eliminating the distinction between natural and unnatural in regard to sexuality. He wanted to use science to “prove” that every sexual desire, no matter how bizarre, is natural.

    He actually circumcized himself with a pocket knife in a bathtub, among other horrendous things.

    This is no ‘scientist’ this is a sexual deviant who used pedophiles to rape infants to prove that pedophelia is okay and that children have sexual urges.

    These same types are the ones that ‘counseled’ the pedophile priests. Is it no wonder that there was such a problem in the catholic church when they weren’t counseled by their psychologists that it was WRONG? SICK? Or that they should be kept away from children?

    Caos last blog post..Newsbusted

  5. denise says:

    I completely agree w/Ogre. From a Christian stand point I view homosexuality to be a sin. I am called to love the sinner and hate the sin. For any Christian who reads this post I am most specifically speaking to you. We love the sinner by praying and helping break the chains of bondage to that sin. A married man has an addiction to pornography we don’t say “I love you and here are the latest Vivid videos”. Loving the sinner is not embracing and making exception to the sin. As for my opinion about the Supreme Court this country is “For the people by the people” – THE PEOPLE SPOKE!!! We are speaking louder this time I encourage everyone to vote YES ON PROP8 – DON’T ALLOW YOUR VOICE TO BE SILENCED –