Why Bush’s Legacy Will Be Failure

There are many on the left today who believe he is one now and that is their right. I think the guy has done good things and bad and I have expressed those opinions here. I know that he was a hell of a lot better choice than either Gore or Kerry and I know we are better off because he won. Our economy is the strongest it has been in a very long time, despite what the Democrats say. Unemployment is low and jobs are being created. No President has ever had a stock market with so many consecutive records. There have been troubles along the way but all in all we are better off then the left wants you to believe.

What will be the undoing of President Bush and what will make him go down in history as the third worst President of all time (Carter, Clinton) is the issue of ILLEGAL immigration and this amnesty bill that is close to passing. Bush and Ted Kennedy are working together and that in and of itself is a disaster but this bill will be our undoing. It will basically provide amnesty for all the ILLEGALS who are here including their spouses and their children (even if those people are not currently here). Kennedy helped give us the last amnesty and promised it would curb ILLEGAL immigration. There are five times more ILLEGALS here now then when he sold us that bill of goods.

If George Bush signs off on this it will be the beginning of the end for this country. Mexico will be well on its way to retaking this country and it will not have to fire a single shot. Bush and Kennedy will have sold us out to the Mexicans and we will be bankrupt from the sponges who come here to live off the backs of others. It is stuff like this that causes racism and groups to resent others. People break the law to get here and we reward them. Then people act surprised when no one wants anything to do with the thieves. The GOP as we know it has stopped doing its job and has dropped its drawers and bent over. It is allowing the Democrats and President Bush to screw them without even fighting back. This is pathetic and I only hope that we have 41 Republicans in the Senate with the balls to stop this.

If this goes through we will be one step closer to the armed revolution that will one day take place in this country. It might be after I am gone but one day people will be fed up with the criminal activity that takes place in DC and they will take up arms and take this country back. I use to believe that the process worked and at one time in our history it did but it is very broken now and soon the only way to fix it will be with a revolution.

We used armed aggression to get out of tyrannical rule before and I am all for doing it again. If they will not do what we tell them and they will not follow the law then we need to take the country by force and install a new government. The founding documents of this country make it our duty.

Maybe we will get lucky and the Mexicans will decide they need to fire a shot after all and take care of it for us, you know, work Americans won’t do…

Red State

Big Dog

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7 Responses to “Why Bush’s Legacy Will Be Failure”

  1. Smokey says:

    I’m with you all the way Big Dog, but I submit an “intermediate option”, before we are finally forced to exercise the duty place on us by our founding documents. We need to vote ALL of the Reps and Senators OUT OF OFFICE and replace them with people who will actually uphold the Constitution and laws on the books. I volunteer to run, anyone else with me?

  2. Robert says:

    Great Post…. And Yep an armed uprising is not far off things don’t shape up in a hurry.

  3. Billy Joe says:


    I’m with you. I’d love it if you ran. If you got on the ballot, I’d even contribute to you. I’d love to see you campaign.

    Big Dog,

    That’s tough talking! Are you going to overthrow the government or are you suggesting that others should while you sit back and blog? If you resemble the cartoon soldier that adorns your website, you certainly cut an intimidating figure ;-)

  4. Big Dog says:

    Billy Troll, I will do what ever it takes to keep this country on the right track. You will also notice I did not call for it I just said that it would occur. Look at history and see what happened to other societies. I do not sit idly by and let others work for me, I am not a liberal after all.

    Now BT, that is a picture of me that was made into a cartoon. It is from when I trained with the British Army. You can make fun of it but all the while pray to whatever moon god you worship that you never have to find out how imposing that figure really is. ;)

  5. bj1 says:

    Big Dog, Im with you all the way. Id love to be 35 years younger! I think if Bush,Reid and Kennedy have their way, we might as well move to Mexico. I am so sick of illegals everywhere I go. And… If they get legalized, we are in deep stuff.God help us.bj1

  6. Billy Joe says:

    What do you propose we do about illegal immigrants, anyway?

    Who’s going to pick our produce?

  7. Schatzee says:

    Dang that sounded really racist from a liberal – picking fruit. Good thing he didn’t say COTTON.

    I so agree with what you’ve said – we are losing our country a little bit at a time and no one really seems to care anymore. I hate having to press one for English – it annoys the stuffing out of me and things are only going to go down hill from here. We don’t have enough social security for people who have contributed but now we are going to start paying more money to people who are breaking the law and dropping the literary IQ of our nation.

    BTW – I have seen the man in person and he is indeed as imposing as his picture. Write on Big Dog!!