Why Are They Upset?

Dean SurrendersThe Democrats seem to be perturbed by the latest ad run by the RNC. It is a video showing the top donks saying we can not win and calling our troops terrorists. Throughout, there is a white flag waved across the screen showing that the donks believe that it is appropriate to surrender. They would like to just drop our weapons and head home. Who do they think we are, the French?

These idiots are upset because they have had their own words used against them. Now we have one Democratic Senator telling Dean to shut-up and one asking that the ad be stopped. The guy asking Dean to shut up has it right. There is no reason whatsoever that we may not use these folks’ words against them. They said it, they should be man or woman enough to accept that they said it. Of course, Dean said he was misinterpreted. Hey Howie, when you say we can not win, it is pretty clear what you mean.

I like that picture. It reminds me of the way John Kerry acted in the 70s and it espouses the entire liberal philosophy of cutting and running. The American Code of Conduct for military members reads:

I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender while my soldiers still have the means to resist.

We still have the means to resist so this call for surrender is a bunch of moonbats asking our service men and women to break the Code of Conduct. I don’t think that this will happen. These folks should remember that our oath into the service also includes the words “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

I think these donks fit in the category of domestic enemy. We all know that John Kerry is an enemy of this country and that he will help our enemies any time he gets the chance. Remember, we will defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We kept Kerry out of office, and if need be we can take more drastic measures to keep this country safe and free.

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