Who Would Know The Difference?

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones fell out of a tree while on vacation and suffered a brain injury that required two surgeries. He had bleeding and a blood clot after he fell while trying to get a coconut. What was this geriatric rocker thinking? Climbing trees is for young people and monkeys.

Reports now indicate that he cold suffer brain damage as a result of the fall and the subsequent surgeries. I want to know if they mean “suffer more brain damage.” Richards has been a boozer, drugger, smoker for years. His brain cells are already dead or dying.

Who could really tell the difference if he did suffer brain damage?

Source: Reuters

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2 Responses to “Who Would Know The Difference?”

  1. Bosun says:

    I concur with your comments and post. These guys have been around for 40+ years. They have been rode hard and put away wet.


  2. Rosemary says:

    Well, I could if I had paid him any mind to begin with, but alas. I never cared to begin with. :)