Who Would Believe That Garbage?

Geraldine Ferraro was the vice presidential candidate about 23 years ago and she, at 71, is vowing to have Hillary Clinton’s back in this race. Ferraro claims that the only way Hillary can lose is if Republicans resort to dirty tricks. It is always amazing to me to listen to supposedly intelligent people spew stuff like this and expect that people are going to believe that only Republicans are dirty and that their candidate deserves to win and would have were it not for those dirty Republicans. I am further amazed that there are people who vote and who actually fall for this crap.

Ferraro is starting early in an attempt to soften the blows that will surely come should Hillary get the Democratic nod. Those blows will certainly be well deserved and will not be dirty tricks in any way. Hillary Clinton has lived her life in the public eye and that means that everything she has done is open to scrutiny. Her health care fiasco, what she knew and when in Monicagate, her law firm billing records, and her distrust of the military will all be open for the pickings. Ferraro is mentioning dirty tricks now so as to cast doubt on future accusations and she is doing so because Hillary has a lot to answer for. Ferraro mentioned the dirty tricks with regard to Kerry’s failed campaign as if to give credibility to position:

“We’ve learned our lessons from 2004,” she told The Sunday Telegraph, referring to the so-called Swift Boat campaign when some former Vietnam veterans who served with John Kerry, the Democrats’ last White House nominee, questioned the medals he won for valour.

“The Democrats’ mistake was to sit back and think nobody would believe this garbage. But some of it stuck and the harm was done. This time we’ll be out there fighting back,” insisted Miss Ferraro, a feisty New York native who is a regular commentator on Fox News, the conservative television network. Telegraph UK

Ferraro mentions this as if it is true. The Swifties lied and people believed the garbage. There has not been any credible evidence to show that these guys who served with Kerry lied but to Kerry and the Democrats they must have and people were foolish enough to believe it. We are supposed to believe that because the Swifties were against Kerry they were liars but every veteran Kerry paraded out who talked nice about him was a decent honorable guy who was telling the truth. Not one person has been able to refute what was alleged by these guys and yet they are the liars. Kerry did not help himself by coming home and protesting against this country and then by committing treason. He lied when he said that he did not throw his medals over the fence. He either lied now or he lied then when he said they were his. Since he is a Democrat we are supposed to bow down to his greatness and accept what happens. If you disagree you are part of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Ferraro claims that they learned to fight back against these lies because of the Kerry campaign. What they learned was that they needed to start damage control early and to lie as early as possible to sow the seeds of doubt so that by the time the truth is exposed it will be in question. They are starting now by putting out their propaganda long before Hillary even has the nomination. Ferraro claims that the only thing that can keep Hillary out of the White House is Republican dirty tricks which means she has discounted the primary as an obstacle.

If Ferraro thinks that Hillary will not be open game in the Democratic primary then she is nuts. I know that a lot of the candidates have pledged to make a clean fight of it but if they do not have the dirt in the background they do not deserve to win. If any one of them thinks for a moment that Hillary will not sling mud the first chance she gets, especially if she is losing ground, then they are sadly mistaken. Clinton will go for the jugular the first chance she gets and while the dying candidate is reeling from a mortally inflicted wound it will make no difference what kid of civility was pledged. Clinton will sling dirt when the time is right and the others in her party who want to be president had better be prepared to open with both barrels or they will die a quick death. Clinton is already leaking bad things but doing it under the radar. As time goes on she will get more aggressive.

Ferraro can claim that it is Republican dirty tricks but Clinton needs to make it that far and to do so she will have to pass by the Democratic dirty tricks first. As for my opinion, it is not a dirty trick to expose the truth about a candidate. A dirty trick is when you fabricate a story or make an event out of one that does not exist (think Plame and prosecutor firings). I also think that Hillary does not need a person who lost miserably telling her who to win…

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Who Would Believe That Garbage?”

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  2. steve dennis says:

    When Republicans point out a candidates weakness it’s called a dirty trick or an attack on the person it is levied against. When Democrats do it, it’s called bringing forth the truth for all to see.
    The double standard is almost unbearable.