Who Will Pay Taxes Under Obama’s Plan?

Who Knows?

Barack Obama’s definition of rich is a moving target. He started at $250k moved to $200k, and then Joe Biden lowered that to $150k and Bill Richardson adjusted downward to $120k. The idea of who is middle class and who is rich keeps moving in a downward spiral and when all is said and done everyone will be saddled with higher taxes.

Notice at the end he is discussing the middle class in an interview from a few years ago. He says those making 40 or 50 thousand should get a tax break.

Once again, Obama’s numbers are moving targets and if he gets into office he will have a majority in Congress to decide upon any number he wants and there will be nothing short of a revolution that can be done about it.

Bill Clinton made the same promises and when he got in office he RAISED taxes on everyone.

Don’t say you were not warned.

I am the Big Dog and I approve this blog post.

Big Dog

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