Who the Hell is Michael Chertoff…

…to scold the Senate?

Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security Chief, scolded the Senate for failing to pass the immigration bill. Who the hell is this guy to scold the Senate? I understand he wanted the bill passed but the last thing the Senate needs is to be scolded by the chief of the department that has its own issues doing its job. Chertoff’s people allowed the TB doctor to waltz back into the country. there are numerous stories of test items making it onto airplanes, and millions of ILLEGALS walk into this country each year under his watch (though this has been going on for longer than there has been a homeland security).

Chertoff was complaining that the failure of the bill to pass will make it tougher for his people to do their jobs and he said they would continue to enforce the law. I have an idea for you Mikey, try enforcing them a little better and maybe you won’t have to whine to the Senate. Chertoff also said that the bill would have made employers responsible for checking the status of people they hire and would penalize them for hiring ILLEGALS. He said this is one important piece of the bill that his department needed to enforce the law.

I have an idea for you Mikey, how about you lobby the Senate to pass a bill that does exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less? How about they pass legislation mandating exactly what you think is needed to do your job without amnesty for the millions of folks you let walk in here? We do not need a thousand page bill to accomplish this little item. How about you stop crying about the amnesty bill, stop scolding the Senate and start working on doing your damn job?

If anyone deserves to be scolded it is you, the President, and the members of the Senate who pushed for this amnesty. You people are disgraceful. Who the hell is going to have confidence in a homeland security chief who gives the country away lock, stock, and barrel? Consider this post an official scolding of you and those aforementioned jackasses who voted for the amnesty bill.

We do not trust Congress to get this right. Any bill should be done in pieces, one item at a time with NO amnesty for lawbreakers. In the words of Ron Smith from WBAL, Screw Michael Chertoff.

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