Who Let The Germs In?

There is a lot of concern over the Ebola Virus and its official entry into the United States. A man in Texas is in critical condition and an unknown number of people have been potentially exposed to the deadly bug. The government that is supposed to protect us is failing miserably.

I have problems with bringing people here to be treated (we should set up a mobile center someplace else) but the real issue is a man who was contagious walking around and interacting with people.

An equally important issue is the Enterovirus D68. This is the bug that has been affecting children across the country.

This virus affects children and teens particularly those with asthma or other airway diseases. Adults are not usually affected as they have developed antibodies over their lives. The virus appears from late summer to fall and then drops off. The uptick here occurred not long after illegals were allowed in and shipped around the country.

There are over 100 types of Enterovirus and 10 to 15 million people are affected by them in the US each year but the D68 is not usually seen in such prominence. There have been over 500 children infected with the virus this year and that is a big uptick from the same period of time in years past. Two of those children have died as a result of the infection.

Officials seem baffled as to why there is an uptick.Perhaps they should look at the areas where these infections are taking place and then track the illegal children the government allowed into the country. The government bused these kids all over the country and not long after they did D68 started showing.

Obama’s policies of allowing illegal aliens to cross our border and be shipped around the nation for a free ride on the taxpayer is not good for this nation, the rule of law, or our health.

It is also likely it is not good for our children.

It is highly unlikely the government will disclose where it sent the illegals and it is even more unlikely that the government would investigate the increased D68 infections as they relate to where those illegals went.

This would negate their arguments and show they are not interested in protecting us.

The Democrats love to say everything is for the children when they want to pass some law or program that costs us money.

So don’t think of those illegals as little germ carriers. Think of what they bring as “for the children.”

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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