Who Is This Ben Gazi Fellow?

The excrement will hit the fan today as whistleblowers testify about the Obama cover-up regarding the attacks in Benghazi. Obama and his minions knew that it was a terror attack almost immediately but blamed it on a video. That story continued for weeks as America tried to understand how four of their fellow countrymen were murdered.

The facts in the case will show that Obama did not send help, that those who were ready to go help were told to stand down and that it was all covered up. The probable reason is that Obama was running for reelection and part of his platform was that al Qaeda was on the run and he was beating terror back. In other words, Obama lied in order to win reelection.

I can’t imagine that the low information voters have any idea about this particularly since the Obama stenographers in the Main Stream Media have been spinning stories and covering for him and his people. They are particularly focused on protecting Hillary Clinton so she can run for the presidency in 2016.

Low information voters are not aware of many things. 40% of people surveyed did not know the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was a law and most Americans in that low information group think gun crime is up even though it has decreased 39% since 1993.

Many of them still think Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house and a lot still think Obama has some secret stash of money he can dole out to them.

So I doubt many of these people know what happened in Benghazi or will understand the implications of Obama’s actions. Most will think that Republicans are just trying to attack Obama based on baseless accusations because that is what the MSM will tell them.

Richard Nixon resigned because of a cover-up after the Watergate break in. No one died as a result of the activities that ended the Nixon presidency.

Obama is directly responsible for the death of four Americans and he is responsible for the cover-up that followed all so he could win reelection.

I don’t know if his presidency will survive the aftermath of the issue though some are predicting this will end it for him.

I do know that if he is forced out of office we will be stuck with Joe Biden (unless he is involved in the cover-up) and that is not good for America. Biden could not pour water out of a bucket if the directions were written on the bottom.

In any event, the aftermath of all this will substantially weaken Obama and probably end any hope Hillary has for becoming president.

Time will tell…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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5 Responses to “Who Is This Ben Gazi Fellow?”

  1. carter says:

    The disinformation coming out of the WH concerning events would make Mao, Goebels, Stalin, Alinsky and Ayres very proud. The shoe they won’t wear now is the truth, unless they are forced to. It needs to happen, America can handle it, Barry needs to come clean.

  2. Real Deal says:

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and Smilin’ Joe will have a hand in too. Though Boehner isn’t the best choice he’s head and shoulders above Biden. Can we get TEA Party member elected Speaker ASAP?

    • Big Dog says:

      No doubt about it, the Speaker would be marginally better.

      The truth, you can’t handle the truth…….LOL

    • pa says:

      The thing is, if it looked like Biden would be swept out of office too, then he would simply resign so Obama would have time to choose a new vice president who would then step up to the presidency if Obama also had to resign or were kicked out. No way would the Dems risk both Obama and Biden being tossed out in favor of the Speaker rising up to the presidency. There would be plenty of time to shuffle pople around to make sure the order of succession would favor the Dems. So who would Obama choose to replace Biden so as to ensure the presidency stayed in Democrat hands? I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t pick Ted Cruz. Or John Bolton. Or Sarah Palin.