Who Is The UN To Decide?

Helen Clarke of the UN Development Programme recently stated that environmental concerns lead her to believe that people in the West do not need more cars, televisions and other consumer luxuries.

Here we go with more environmental hyperbole. The UN has tried to lasso free nations into an environmental jail cell where those nations can be controlled because of hyperventilation over the environment.

Of course, the UN is the entity that has used the manipulated climate data to discuss global warming. It is a corrupt organization whose members live the life of luxury regardless of how poor their home nations are. These people live the life of luxury that Clarke has decided the West does not need in a larger quantity.

Who the heck is the UN to decide what any nation needs? Who is the UN to decide how many televisions, cars or other items people need?

It is not a matter of need; it is a matter of want.

We in the West have things that we need and, for the most part, our needs are met. The other items are what we want. If we want smart phones, many TVs and several cars then that is our business so long as we can afford them.

As for the needs of the poorer countries, perhaps Clarke should worry about the things they actually NEED.

People who do not have enough food, water, and medical care don’t really spend a lot of time worrying about one television much less several.

How about the leaders of the poor countries worry about meeting the basic needs of their people and the folks in the wealthier countries can worry about what their money will buy for them, based on what they want?

I am tired of the UN trying to decide what is best for me and my country.

America did very well for a very long time before the UN came into existence and this great nation will be here long after the thugs in the UN have taken that organization into ash bin of history.

The citizens of the United States are a free people and as such we decide what we want to do with our money even if it includes buying luxury items of any quantity.

And we don’t really care if some half baked socialist do-gooder from the UN likes it or not.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Who Is The UN To Decide?”

  1. Blake says:

    The UN is just the biggest piece of Euro-trash, Arab scum building in New York right now-(at least until that mosque near Ground Zero is built, if ever). Why we should not just demolish the building and tell the pedophiles anad other scum that they need to relocate before we open a hunting season on them is beyond me.
    They are trying to tell US what to do? Screw ’em.