Who is Politicizing Martin’s Death?

The Obama campaign has made the claim that the Republicans are politicizing the death of Trayvon Martin. This comes as a surprise to those who saw that the Obama campaign started selling a hoodie after the publicity involving Martin wearing one when he was shot.

Barack Obama has not come forward and asked for civility as he has done in the past. Not that it does any good because as soon as he says we need to be civil, he and his Democrats do uncivil things.

While Obama remains silent (his only comments deal with any son he would have had would look like Trayvon and we need to reflect) the race hustlers are out in full force terrorizing Americans. The little Erkel looking moron Spike Lee Tweeted what he thought was Zimmerman’s address. It turns out it was the wrong address and the people living at that address had to go to a hotel in fear for their lives. He apologized and it will be accepted by those who refuse to accept Limbaugh’s. Will there be a boycott of Lee?

The New Black Panther Party has placed a bounty on Zimmerman’s head and has issued a Wanted: Dead or Alive poster.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both anti Semitic racists, have involved themselves in the issue and people all over are protesting. Some are rioting as mobs of kids ransack stores and steal things.

A former Black Panther and current member of Congress wore a hoodie on the floor of the House in violation of the rules and refused to follow orders when he was told he was out of order. He demonstrated a lack of respect for the rules as have those who are breaking the law or inciting violence in this issue.

How is all this about politics? Obama is silent because he needs his base to get ramped up and angry so he can compel them to go to the polls in November. Obama needs an issue that will inspire people to get out and vote. 95% of the black vote will go to him but that will do him little good if the number of black voters decreases.

He is silent because he wants this to continue. But he will be sorry if his base and its actions end up getting people killed.

What happens if Spike Lee’s stupidity gets innocent people killed? What happens if someone kills George Zimmerman to collect the bounty?

Will those responsible be prosecuted? If not, will that mean it is open season on anyone who some sector of the public thinks is guilty of a crime?

It is liberals who politicize tragedy. You can tell what they are doing because they accuse the other side of it.

Obama’s campaign is in trouble. It is not raising as much money as it had expected, Obamacare is under fire, and Obama was caught in a compromising position regarding our security (hot mic). It is not good for them and they need to do something.

Politicizing tragedy and inciting racial division is their game plan.

The time for change is now but we will have to wait until November to exact that change…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.

Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Who is Politicizing Martin’s Death?”

  1. victoria says:

    What do Michael Jackson and George Zimmerman have in common–they both magically turned white.

  2. Blake says:

    While I do not condone the boy’s death, anyone looks like they are up to no good when they wear a hoodie- a hoodie in warm weather? C’mon, gove me a break- if you look like a criminal, and talk like a criminal, do not be surprised if someone thinks you are a criminal- that is just being terminally stupid, and it appears that those things might have contributed to the circumstances of his death.The thing that all the race-baiting progressives fail to realize is that all of this has to go through the justice system. To act before the system has had the chance to sift through the facts, and not heated rhetoric would be the start of a conflict in the justice system and our society in general.I do know one thing for certain- none of these black race-baiting wastes of space would  have said a damn thing if Trayvon had been white.