Who Is Holding America?

Right now America is run by the liberal progressives under the “leadership” of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama has held the White House for about six years and that means all that is going on belongs to him and his followers. Sure, Republicans have held the House for two years but they have been able to do nothing more than slow the Obama agenda. None of their initiatives make it past Harry Reid in the Senate because he is there to protect what Obama has done.

The phrase the Tea Party and others have used describing removing the liberal progressives from power is “take America back.”

This phrase has been deemed racist by Barack Obama and Eric Holder. Yes, the racists known as Obama and Holder think it is just racist that anyone would want to take their country back and they assure us this phrase is code for; remove the black men from power. It does not cross their minds that no one is concerned with their color but rather their ideology.

In any event, they have held the power for six years and they do not like when people say they want to take the country back. No, according to them all is peachy keen.

Joe Biden gave a little speech on Labor Day (to union types) and he used the phrase “take back America”. He was not rushed off as a racist who wants to remove the black man. He was well received by the union members in attendance.

I don’t really care what liberals think about the phrase “take America back.” To them everything is racist and they get their panties in a wad over nothing in order to gin up the base. All well and good because I just don’t care.

What I want to know is from whom does Joe Biden think we need to take the country? Obama and Biden along with their merry band of idiots have been running the country for six years. If there are problems and the country needs to be taken back (there are and it does) then does that not mean Biden wants us to take the country back from him and Obama?

The left keeps telling us how wonderful things are and how much better they are getting but the reality is they know it is bad. They blame it on everyone and everything but they are responsible so when Joe tells us that country needs to be taken back he is asking us to save the country from him, his boss and their party of half-wit progressives.

We really do need to take the country back from them and we need to get on the right path before an all out collapse takes place.

We can start by retaking the Senate in November and work from there.

Joe Biden is senile and should not be out in public without a soft helmet but on this issue I agree with him because he actually got it right.

We need to take the country back from them before things can get better.

Liberal progressives have been promising to make things better for decades if only the public would elect them. They have been in charge for most of the past five decades and things are not better. Their policies have enslaved minorities (particularly blacks) and they have saddled our children and grandchildren with massive debt. They have removed any sense of personal responsibility from millions of Americans who only know how to stand around with their hands out and they have ensured that those millions vote for the liberals in order to keep getting “free” stuff.

In all that time things have not gotten better but liberals still claim we need to vote for them to make things better.

Let’s listen to Joe and take the country back from him and his ilk.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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