Who Is Geppeto?

I now know who the puppet is- since Hussein had said that “we would look forward” when talking about the CIA interrogations of worthless terrorists, and yet Eric (look at me, Ma) Holder has said that he would pursue this line of prosecution anyway, I have had cause to ask this question: Who the hell is really in charge here? The Resident says no, the AG says yes, and goes ahead with this.

So it is Hussein that must be dancing on a string, a pinocchio with huge freakin’ ears- and a puppet whose strings are being pulled by someone else. He is a “face”,or in this case, a “voice”- there simply to be heard, but not to think on his own- that would take brains that Geppeto would never allow him. He is the public persona, the “Stepford” Resident that these people behind the curtain push out in the glare of lights, so as to take the attention away from what actually goes on behind the curtain.

I have wondered about the choice of Biden for awhile now, and have come to the conclusion he was chosen simply because he is compliant, and will agree with anything that is presented by the left, nodding his head like a bobblehead doll with bad hair plugs. And Hussein is the Chatty Cathy version- just lead him out, pull his string, and his head moves back and forth between the teleprompters.

Meanwhile, the organizations that do all the heavy lifting, the ACORN, Storm, (an older Communist network), and what it has merged with- the APOLLO Alliance, along with Organizing For America (Hussein’s little shock troops), and MoveOn. org, have been busy actually writing the bills. It is no wonder that our Congress does not know what is in the bill, when they had no part in crafting the bills.

Let’s see- ACORN is getting approximately 2 billion dollars for its network to use, the Apollo Alliance is getting even more than that,and the chairman of the group is Van Jones, an “advisor” to the Resident.

MoveOn.org is getting payback through the illegal scheme that involved United States loans to Brazil’s oil and gas company, Petrobras, and the selling of Petrobras stock by George Soros, an insider trade that if done by a Conservative, would have been treated like the next Enron. Soros made billions, but when you buy a puppet, you expect a large payday. And he bought a puppet.

Meanwhile, the former head of the AFL-CIO is now in charge of the New York Fed. Does anyone besides me see a conflict of interest here? Even Robert Kennedy, liberal that he was, went after James Hoffa, because Hoffa was crooked- he wouldn’t have put Hoffa in charge Of the Fed, even just the New York branch. That action is beyond stupid, which lends credence to the puppet model.

And just to keep things interesting, the Resident, who is allegedly a Constitutional scholar, has at least four of the amendments to the Constitution under assault now. The first (freedom of speech), is under fire from Hussein’s “Diversity” Czar, Mark Lloyd, who wants to muzzle talk radio- wouldn’t TV and the internet be next, if talk radio is silenced? Sure it will.

The second amendment (the right to keep and bear arms) is being prepped for the excuse to constrict this right by all the bogus stories about guns flowing south to Mexico- a farce, and easily disproven, but the liberals who want this right constricted do not care about reality or truth- that’s just inconvenient.

The fourth amendment, (the right that protects from unreasonable search and seizure, and the expectation of privacy) will be trashed as the IRS gets the power to go into your accounts to search for money to compel you to pay for medical insurance. They already can enter your account for the purposes of taxes, but this will be an additional duty.

The Tenth Amendment, that of State’s Rights, is and has been violated by the Federal government by attaching conditions to any money that is received by the state from the Federal government, indeed, compelling the States to take the money, even if the states do not want the money, due to the conditions.

All of these amendments are obstructions to the socialist’s agenda- the more they are able to weaken these and other pesky amendments, the easier they will be able to control your life, and make your life in their image.

It’s all about power, and if you are not careful, and jealously guard and fight for your freedoms, as our forefathers did, you too will be dancing on the end of a string.

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86 Responses to “Who Is Geppeto?”

  1. Macker says:

    And who’s the puppetmaster?

  2. Adam says:

    You’ll spin lots of yarn to bash Obama won’t you?

    Take for instance Denis Hughes. Your story frames it as if he’s been given favors, going from AFL-CIO to NY Fed. The reality is he’s been on the board of the NY Fed for about 6 years in addition to his work with AFL-CIO. I fail to see the conflict of interest or how that parallels Kennedy and Hoffa.

    Where is it that ACORN is getting $2 billion?

    • Blake says:

      ACORN is getting the 2 billion in the stimulus- actually, the TIDES corp., which is what ACORN is morphing or being folded into, a conglomeration of around 250 various “community organizers”.

    • Blake says:

      I can’t believe that you fail to see a conflict of interest with Hughes- being with the (or ONE of the most) corrupt unions ever, and having ANY say in our monetary policy.

  3. Blake says:

    And as far as Hussein, I can bash him with his own verbosity.
    How do you like his plans for a CIVILIAN army? You know, kind of like a DICTATOR’S little SS troops?
    This is something he actually has said that he wants-kind of makes one wonder what is going on that the regular army cannot take care of, doesn’t it?

    • Adam says:

      First of all Obama has very little or almost no say over Hughes’ appointment so either way bringing this up in context of trashing Obama is off base. Secondly, let me remind you again that Hughes has sat on the NY Fed board for 6 years. But apparently he’s not qualified to chair it since he’s also president of a union? Kindly explain the conflict since you can’t believe I fail to see it. What, is he going to implement a commie Fed Reserve Union?

      Conflict of interest is being co-chair of a Republican presidential election campaign while being Secretary of State who certifies the election results (Think Florida, Ohio, Harris, Blackwell).

      Where is your source for the $2 billion for ACORN / TIDES or whatever it is.

      Come on now. Civilian army? You still believe that garbage? I tell you, nothing scares me more than the SS like forces at AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps and the USA Freedom Corps. Boy, howdy…

      • Blake says:

        I imagine you are like some of the Germans who thought the SS looked kind of cool, all dressed in black and all. Boy were they surprised.
        I guess I’ll just have to get your back, seeing as you refuse to see the indicators.
        You can thank me later.

        • Blake says:

          How do you like the proposal for a draft-that IS what COMPULSORY service in either, Peace Corps., Americorps, or the strangely named USA Freedom Corps would mean, you know. You ok with that
          Do you have children?

      • Blake says:

        One source (and I stress only one of them) is this:

      • Big Dog says:

        Conflict of interest is being co-chair of a Republican presidential election campaign while being Secretary of State who certifies the election results (Think Florida, Ohio, Harris, Blackwell).

        Where was the financial interest? Are you still on that old myth about stolen elections? The people you malign did their jobs. Were there no Democrats in similar positions.

        No, a conflict of interest is being a Congressman who writes tax laws and hiding assets. What he does influences his own finances. But under your definition a COI would be something like a black Attorney General dismissing a case against black panther thugs even after the court case was won by default.

        A real COI exists in the Clinton family. If you can’t see that one…

        A conflict of interest is also when a junior Senator from Illinois has a wife who gets a 300k a year job in a hospital just after he is elected and within a year the hospital gets tax dollars for upgrades. His wife benefited financially from his position.

        Now we could play this game all night if you would like. But keep in mind what the government defines as COI.

      • Big Dog says:

        The civilian defense force is what he called it and he wants it as well equipped as our Army. What should anyone make of that.

        Then again you are one of those guys who believes Obama is not for single payer and never was…Even though HE SAID IT.

  4. Adam says:

    With your ACORN stuff it goes back to an argument was had months ago I guess. There is money in the stimulus that ACORN along with other groups can apply for. There is no money set aside for ACORN, as you keep saying there is.

    First of all any talk of compulsory service is long gone, pulled back because the public rightfully took issue. Second, as far as your belief that the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or USA Freedom Corps’ community service work has anything to do with Nazis, well, I won’t try to fight your paranoia. You already think a 9/11 day of service is a marxist holiday that desecrates the day, so what good is trying to convince you that people volunteering in their communities is no evil?

    Still waiting on you to explain how Hughes is a conflict of interest…

    • Blake says:

      Hughes still has ties to the union- that is a conflict of interest-Even Bernanke and Geithner have had to sever relations with companies they have led or been employed by.
      Where is NOT the conflict of interest?

    • Big Dog says:

      I think I took care of the COI for you.

      The problem with you Adam is that you fail to see. You say that the money was not directed to them and that they could apply. They were awarded billions and that was predetermined. It was not specifically stated but it was well known that ACORN was going to get its pay off like the rest of the people who were awarded with stimulus money. It is like when your Resident says that the health care bill will not fund abortions. It is a lie. No, it does not say yes to abortions but it does not forbid them which means that they can be paid for and any court challenge would likely lose because the bill is silent, those charged with enforcing would have the final decision. In fact, Democrats voted against a provision that specifically stated that abortions would not be paid for. Now Obama is correct when he says that the bill does not say health care will pay for abortions but he is misleading people because that is very different than saying they will not be paid for or included.

      We do not need all the corps. The more we have the more radicals we have organizing. If it was about community service we would have no problems in our community. It is about how they can scam us out of our tax dollars.

  5. Blake says:

    And as far as ACORN, or TIDES, they are a conglomeration of COs- so it really matters little who gets the money- it will all go to TIDES, or ACORN, all at the Elysian Fields address in NOLA

  6. Blake says:

    See, your trouble is that you refuse to look behind the curtain, indeed, you seem to refuse to SEE that there is a curtain, and that is a bad thing for you and for America.
    You need to look deeper- I thought all you libs were INTO conspiracies- and yet you refuse to see this one. Is this a deliberate blind spot?

    • Adam says:

      You keep talking about ties to the union but what does the union have to do with the Fed and why should they care? What can the Fed do for the union or the union do for the Fed that would cause those ties to be a conflict of interest?

      For instance say Hughes works for a contracting company that makes a living off of war and then Hughes leaves said company to be Vice President of an administration bent on war that directs billions in contracts to the company. Let’s hear it…is it like that?

      Which companies did Bernake and Geithner sever relations with?

      I need to look deeper to see your paranoia? I’m glad you admit you’re just repeating a conspiracy theory though, I just don’t know which conspiracies you think “libs” are usually “INTO”. I’m not much for them myself lately.

      • Big Dog says:

        Adam, are you still playing that dumb game with Cheney? He had no conflict of interest because he could make no money off any contracts that his former company received. Cheney signed his stocks (millions of dollars worth) over to charity. He had no financial interest AND he did not award the contracts so he could not have a COI. Besides, Clinton awarded a lot of those no bid contracts to that very company long before Cheney was VP (and probably while he was at the company) so Clinton benefited Cheney but Cheney did not benefit himself.

        And that company makes a lot of its living off oil well services as well as many other things taht have nothing to do with war.

        Bernacke and Geithner? Hmm, Goldman Sachs maybe? And then Bernacke directed billions to help them out. Yes, they definitely had a COI.

  7. Blake says:

    First, as to Hughes, you do NOT see a conflict of interest in being the main political lobbyist for the AFL-CIO while also being chair of the NY FED?
    As to Bernanke and Geithner, perhaps I should redefine- they have been “Playing down” the relationships they have had regarding AIG, Lehman Bros., and Bear Stearns- deciding who lives, who does not, and forcing B of A to accept the Merril Lynch deal, even though the stock was toilet paper at that time.
    If you add Paulson, then you see how Hussein is funneling the stimulus through AIG- which is why they are still around, as is Citicorps- also a funneler of money.
    If this was Appalachia, this would be incest even THEY wouldn’t touch.
    And you think THIS is a healthy relationship? No wonder our country is in so much trouble.

  8. Bob says:

    25 years ago I wouldn’t have been concerned but now I can clearly see that we are very soon going to lose America. I feel sorry for the next generations who will be raised in a different light, but will not know the difference.

  9. Adam says:

    To be a conflict of interest then duties at one place would have to get in the way of duties at the other. Hughes does not have enough power in his role for the goals of the union to be somehow influencing policy in the Fed. That’s just not reality, so no, I can’t see the conflict.

    I never said it was a healthy relationship. I really don’t get what you’re talking about anyway in general to say either way.

    • Big Dog says:

      Adam, in the government a conflict of interest is when a person has a financial interest in something and gets involved in it in his official capacity if such involvement would have a financial impact on the company.

      In other words, if this guy were making monetary policy that financially affected unions he would be conflicted if he has any interest in the union (like certain relatives working there or stock or retirement holdings). If his wife worked on wall street and he made decisions that affected her company, he would be conflicted.

      These are the four provisions (three deal with money and one deals with representation activities with regard to claims affecting government):

      The Statutory Restrictions on Conflicts of Interest During Government Service
      The four statutory provisions regarding conflicts between governmental responsibilities and private interests of government employees, all of which apply to employees of the District of Columbia as well as the federal government, are the following:

      8. A prohibition on both payment to and receipt by present or former government employees of compensation derived from services rendered by such an employee or anyone else in representing someone before the government. (18 USC § 203, discussed under 1.11:680, below).
      9. A prohibition on certain representational activities relating to claims against and other matters affecting the government. (18 USC § 205, discussed under 1.11:690, below.)
      10. A prohibition on certain acts by government employees affecting a personal financial interest—applying, inter alia, to negotiations for post-government employment. (18 USC § 208, discussed under 1.11:695, below).
      11. A prohibition on receipt by government employees of compensation from non-governmental sources for governmental service. (18 USC § 209, discussed under 1.11:699, below).

  10. Blake says:

    Adam- regarding Hughes, would you think perhaps a person whose job is to secure money for the union (hughes) might have a COI in that they are now in charge of the monetary policy in New York, the home of the AFL-CIO?
    Supposedly, even the APPEARANCE of impropriety should not be allowed.

    • Adam says:

      First of all the blog post you link to has a lie in the first paragraph, or rather repeats a lie from another source:

      Hughes has zero financial experience nor does he have any education that would qualify him for this position.

      Hughes has been on the board of the NY Fed since 2003, has been Deputy Chair since January 2007, and has been Interim Chairman since May of this year. No experience? I’m not sure what more experience you need, really. The NY Fed is of course the most important bank of the 12 but I keep failing to see how lack of financial background means anything after so many years working on the board successfully. This is more of a question of how he got the position in 2003, but not is he qualified to lead in 2009.

      Second, don’t take my stance as ultra stubborn or partisan. My stance is not so much that there couldn’t be a conflict of interest but more that I cannot think of a single thing the NY Fed could do to really benefit the AFL-CIO and you haven’t listed one yet.

      But, here is about the only one I can find and frankly it’s not all that strong. One article and letter to Hughes suggests that setting short term rates can affect long term rates which in turn could affect pension funds for unions. That’s a stretch indeed, but a possible concern that Hughes has not yet addressed.

      So I wouldn’t say my mind is super made up on the argument but I’m not really seeing a strong case made yet for what exactly the conflict of interest would amount to.

      • Blake says:

        Sometimes, Adam, it is not what can be done for someone now, as much as being ABLE, AND IN POSITION later to do something. As I have said before, the perception of conflict of Interest can be as damning as the act itself. Look at how you all raked Cheney over the coals for Haliburton, even though he had relinquished all ties with the company.

  11. Adam says:

    But again I fail to see how this is at the feet of Obama. Obama’s influence over the Fed Reserve hardly reaches deep enough to even have an opinion over who chairs the NY Fed, let alone appoint him as the blog post you link to also claims.

    • Blake says:

      And now you get to the gist of my post. I no longer believe Nobama is actually in control- I think he is the puppet here, and he, I believe might be expendable to these people.
      The guy who heads up the Apollo Alliance, Jeffery Jones, was the co- founder of the Weather underground, along with Bill Ayers, now there’s a coincidence for you, huh? Small world. These are people with an agenda that is only running parallel with Nobama’s for now. Heaven help him if the paths diverge.

      • Adam says:

        No, I don’t get the gist of your post. We’re talking about the Federal Reserve which is more of a corporation than a government entity. Saying Obama has no control over the Fed makes him a puppet? Not really…

      • Adam says:

        Special interests have the ear of every president and every member of Congress because they control money and voters. That doesn’t make Obama a puppet any more or less than any politician is.

        • Blake says:

          But Nobama says one thing, and the others do a completely different thing. Who is lying? Someone is, and someone is in control.
          Holder makes Nobama look like an idiot who just say things he doesn’t mean, because IF he had control, he could tell Holder to back off, and he does not do this, despite his very public pronouncements to the contrary- “I am focused on looking forward, not backwards, which I believe is not focusing on the path we need to travel.”
          Wow- I guess SOMEONE is in charge of looking back, and its not Nobama.
          And if it is not the Resident who appoints the Chair to NY Fed, who does?
          I grant you the Fed is like the FMs, they are GSAs, but still under govt. oversight.

      • Blake says:

        Further, you have Van Jones, a COMMUNIST who said this-

        Do you think that having him in ANY part of our government is a GOOD thing?

  12. Darrel says:

    “Jones ended his involvement with STORM (and STORM officially dissolved in December 2002).[18]

    By the late 1990s, Jones began promoting capitalism as he transformed into an environmentally friendly capitalist. He emerged as one of the foremost champions of green business, entrepreneurship and market-based solutions. In his 2008 best seller The Green Collar Economy, Jones contended that invention and investment will take us out of a pollution-based grey economy and into a healthy new green economy.”

    Make sure and see his long list ofAwards and Honors. Quite a guy.


    • Blake says:

      A skunk doesn’t change his stripes, and he is a skunk. You can get any number of awards from liberal causes if you kiss the right booty, and he does.
      A naked money- grubber he is not- he has other agendas, and if you like him, keep him- please.
      His association w/ Jeffery Jones and you simply HAVE to throw Ayers in there, is not coincidence, nor is Hussein’s associations with them, try as he might to “distance” himself from them.

      • Adam says:

        You don’t even know the man except by a few quotes you’ve seen people like Beck or some conservative blogger take out of context. Yet, you know he’s a skunk with an agenda?

        Van Jones and Jeff Jones? Can you prove they have even ever met? Jeff Jones directs the New York office of Apollo? So Van Jones was once on the board of Apollo? So therefore?

        • Adam says:

          But as for somebody who does know Van, here is an op/ed from your pals over at Huffington.

          Beck has said repeatedly that Van is some kind of a mysterious “czar,” accountable to no one but the President. A simple Internet search shows that this claim is false. A March 10, 2009, press release announced that Van was hired by the Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality – to work on her staff as a “special advisor.”

          In other words, Van is within the normal White House chain of command, reporting to an office confirmed by the United States Senate, just like most White House staffers. Media outlets sometimes use the “czar” shorthand. But the facts show that Van has no mysterious role or extra-constitutional powers.

          As you say, the facts don’t lie…

        • Blake says:

          Facts do not lie, this is true, but is that a fact, or something more?
          The fact is that coming in under the “Chair of WH council on Environmental Quality” is nice and vague, and I bet this way he could skate on his criminal background.
          Remember, puppetmasters are not supposed to be noticed.
          And so, the Jones boys have met- I pretty much think that is a given except for you, the original Doubting Thomas.
          And HufPo are no friends of mine.

        • Blake says:

          And quotes from Van Jones I can get on the internet- he is not shy about his affilliations, so I get these quotes from the horses mouth.
          I watch Beck if I am not working on furniture, but that is seldom- you probably see him more than I do.

      • Blake says:

        Jeffery Jones AND Bill Ayers CO- FOUNDED the Weather Underground- TOGETHER- that IS what co- founded means. Why SHOULD I NOT throw him in there?
        They have met- they have met Nobama- there is a connection, whether you can see this or not. Most people would call this prima facie evidence, piss on the fire ,call in the dogs, this hunt is over.
        End of story.

  13. Adam says:

    Don’t bother Darrel. Even faced with facts Blake won’t stop lying about Van Jones.

    The POTUS appoints the Fed Chairman and Fed governors when any spot opens up. Obama has yet to appoint any governors, though there are 2 spots open. This board of governors gave the spot to Hughes at the NY Fed:

    New York—The Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced today that Denis M. Hughes has been designated chairman of the New York Fed’s board of directors by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the remainder of 2009. Mr. Hughes is president of the New York State AFL-CIO and has served as a Class C director since January 2006. He has served as deputy chairman since January 2007 and as acting chairman since May. He joined the board as a Class B director in January 2004.

    For those who question how Hughes made it into the job to start with in 2003 as I was wondering yesterday it’s good to note that these Class C directors come from business and labor, not from the financial or banking sector. Apparently it’s one feature of our Fed Reserve system that make it the envy of the world…

  14. Adam says:

    It’s just funny to me the more I read about our Fed Reserve system the more it shows how little people know about it when they go around saying Obama appointed Denis Hughes.

    Your source lied about it and then used the lie to create false fear:

    This latest move by Obama in rewarding his union thug friends is a recipe for economic disaster in this country.

    The blog Powerline has lied about it and spreads similar false fears.

    But then again it’s nothing new. Conservatives will sink to any depths to both bash Obama and further spread fear about the evils of Unions in America.

    • Big Dog says:

      He did not directly appoint him but did he influence the appointment? I just throw that out because there are more ways to look at it than just the ones presented.

      • Adam says:

        You would have to provide some evidence of that to say it were true if he had such influence. My stance is simply that he did not “appoint” Hughes in the way that he appoints Bernake because he doesn’t have that kind of power.

        • Blake says:

          Gee, I don’t know about influence, but when the AFL-CIO is proposing a tax on ALL stock transactions, that is getting pretty blatant, don’t you think? Where is the Stock Market located? New York. Whose branch of the Fed might benefit the most from this “tax”? New York’s. Denis Hughes is a lobbyist (still) for the AFL-CIO, so who benefits?
          It LOOKS like the AFL-CIO to me- how’s it looking to you, Adam? Seeing any “conflict of interest” yet?

        • Blake says:

          POTUS HAS that kind of power- you said in a post above, that he did- so does he, or does he not? “The POTUS appoints the Fed Chairman and the Fed governors when a spot opens up…” so which is it?

  15. Adam says:

    I’m not sure what you hate so much about Van Jones that you’ll lie and lie and lie.

    Prove me wrong with actual evidence on any of the following facts:

    Fact: Van Jones does not have a criminal background other than being arrested during protests and never charged with anything. He is not a felon and he has never spent time in prison.

    Fact: Van Jones is not an avowed communist and while he has indeed supported communist ideas in the past he hasn’t considered himself a communist in many years.

    Fact: Van Jones is an adviser to Nancy Sutley, chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, not some ridiculous puppet master of Obama.

    Fact: Van Jones and Jeff Jones worked on different coasts in branches of a nation wide alliance of organizations. Jeff Jones does not head up the Apollo Alliance, but is simply head of the NY branch in the same way that Van Jones was head of the group in Oakland associated with Apollo. There is no evidence these two have even met, and if they have met there is no evidence that they share some kind of association other than working for the same group. Van Jones != Jeff Jones != Bill Ayers.

    But again, feel free to post any facts to the contrary of what I just outlined above to prove me wrong.

  16. Blake says:

    Vannie has been arrested twice- perhaps you could substitute jail for “prison”, but he himself has said he was radicalized” while “in prison”, so I go with that.
    The Apollo Alliance is not so big that the Jones boys haven’t met- they have, and while I have no pix of them shaking hands, only a blind person would think they have NOT met during the course of the Apollo Alliance’s various functions and meetings, but you and meat seem to think there should be a record for everything- sorry to disappoint, but some things are sub rosa, and I would think the meetings between two radicals, and communists might just qualify for that designation.
    And as for Ayers,it is just too big a coincidence that TWO members of the Weather Underground just “happened” to be” suddenly” this close to Nobama at this point in time.

  17. Adam says:

    We both know the difference between prison and jail, so stop lying.

    Instead of providing the evidence to back up your beliefs what do you do? You attack my need for you to base your arguments on actual verifiable information. How brilliant of you! And how foolish of me to expect there to be hard evidence behind your accusations.

    You simply cannot stop lying about Van Jones, and you lie to try and hide that fact. Sad.

  18. Blake says:

    It is semantics to differentiate between jail and prison. Both constitute incarceration, so its a matter of degree.
    It is also remarkable the amount of scrubbing that was done on Wiki to polish this commie’s “credentials”-
    It is interesting that on ALL of the points that Glenn Beck did on one of his programs, in asking for clarification from the WH, the only “clarification” he got from them was just “don’t call him a “Czar”.
    No rebuttal at all on any of the salient points this guy brought up- I admit, I was fascinated- because if this Beck had been lying, you would think there would have been enough brains at the WH to blister him good, but the silence was deafening. I guess they’re leaving it up to you.
    Personally, I’d drop the shovel- just quit digging.
    Now, that’s the better part of valor.

    • Adam says:

      Maybe you should outline those “salient points” you’re talking about for me because I’m not following. Or you could just keep lying and when you get cornered on it you could blame it on Wikipedia getting “scrubbed” despite the ability to go backward and forward with revision history to see any changes you are imagining.

  19. Blake says:

    Van Jones is freakin’ nuts- a rabid dog- what do you do with that?
    oh- and there are other vids to the side that just reinforce this guy’s insane stance-
    What do you want? For him to shank yo mama? This man is dangerous being anywhere near our government.

  20. Adam says:

    So I’m watching this video you posted and frankly I’m about to laugh myself out of my chair over your lunacy.

    So Van Jones is sitting up there talking about the changing media, technological innovation, social networking, and how it has revitalized the progressive movement on key issues like election reform, net neutrality, and increasing access to technology in public schools.

    And what does Blake get out of the video? Oh my god it’s a dangerous black man! Lie and call him a communist, lie call him a felon! Be a racist and say he’s going to shank yo mama!

    Van Jones? I’m sorry but he’s ten times the person you are. You? I wouldn’t let you pet my dog. You are a liar, a coward, and a racist. You are about the saddest most pathetic little man I’ve ever seen write a blog online, and that’s saying a lot…

    • Blake says:

      Well, it really did not take you long to fall off of the wagon and begin spewing and ranting and calling names- I figured you’d about licked the habit, but like a smoker, you go back to what’s easy.
      What a shame- just about when I thought you might actually be civilized- you must have it hard for Vannie Jones.
      Hero worship? You can have him- He is a communist- said so himself, named his kid after a terrorist- he is a felon- been arrested twice. Call it what you will, and call me names if that’s what jerks your chain, but that is the truth.

    • Blake says:

      Oh- and I did not say he was going to shank yo mama- what I said was,” What (proof) do you want? For him to shank yo mama?”
      You are like other libs- poor education, can’t read for comprehension.
      I don’t believe I should have to beat my head against the brick wall that is Adam.

    • Big Dog says:

      He is a coward? I bet you would not say that to his face. Who does that make a coward?

  21. Adam says:

    So here you have the radical, insane Van Jones with his, dangerous, communist agenda spewing the kind of hate and the the kind of thing that goes against everything America stands for and everything that is decent and wholesome and good:

    And we have dreams. Beautiful dreams. Hopeful dreams. Helpful dreams. Dreams about a country coming back together to put it’s arms around our toughest problems. Every race, every class, every religion in the world is here, so we have the opportunity to test pilot the best solutions to our biggest problems. And the reason we want this pro-democracy movement is because we believe this country can lead the world, but not in war…not in pollution rates…not in incarceration rates. We believe we can lead the world in clean and green technology. We believe we can lead the world in a green growth agenda and figure out an alternative to oil and share it with India, and share it with China so they can boot up clean and not do what we did. We believe we need to be that kind of country and we need to have a movement that stands for that.”

    Witness the hate and the violence Van Jones is calling for. Witness the way he hates our way of life and how he wants to destroy everything we love. Oh this despicable man! This commie! This felon!

  22. Blake says:

    Many of the most despicable people talk very flowery, like a serpent with a honeyed tongue. The key is to see beyond the BS- and I can- too bad you cannot.

  23. Adam says:

    Actually, I do “have it hard” for Van Jones. I didn’t even know who he was until you mentioned him and I started looking into your obvious lies. The more I dug in to find out, the more I read about him, the more speeches I read or watched, the more I realized what kind of bad ass this guy is.

    You’ve accused me of that for defending Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy against your lies but that wasn’t the case for either of them. This time I’m actually in love this with this guy. He’s the kind of intellectual heavyweight that does more than talk and he actually motivates people and drives the movements I believe in politically, and I’m not ashamed to say that.

    If calling you a liar when you lie, a coward when you’re cowardly, or a racist when you’re racist is breaking our no-name-calling agreement then so be it. Make no mistake. Every thing you say about Van Jones is a lie. And when confronted with that fact you’re too big of a coward to admit you are wrong and instead you blame it on some conspiracy to “scrub” the truth. Then you drag in some stereotypical racist “shank yo mama” garbage and say it’s my reading comprehension that makes it seem racist and not really that you are racist. Keep dreaming, keep lying, keep distorting the truth. You fear Van Jones and smear him because you are half person he is and could never walk in his shoes.

    • Blake says:

      I fear no one- what can they do to me? Kill me? I have been clinically dead once- so I know what its like, and this lightweight guy doesn’t even rate on my blood pressure cuff.
      I am glad you found someone you like- I do not- I think he is a danger to the Constitution, to the country, and to the freedoms he seems to want to curtail.
      Oh, we don’t need no prisons, we need green jobs- yeah, yeah, and manna falls from heaven as he speaks too.
      I, unlike you Adam, can recognize BS- and he is full of it.

    • Big Dog says:

      Adam calls everyone a racist if they disagree wigth a blacl person. Pay no attention to him. He is like Pavlov’s dog, trained to react to certain stimuli…

  24. Adam says:

    Still waiting on the sources your sources and basis for your lies about Jones. Tick tock…

    • Blake says:

      Jones is a communist, who is wanting to redistribute the wealth from white people and give it to other races- who is the true racist here? IOf you like him, you need a good tanning, ’cause you are a little light for his cause- but believe what you will.
      I do not answer to you, and I am getting tired of playing your little game.
      I will continue trashing Van Jones at my discretion, thank you very much- because he needs the trashing.

      • Adam says:

        Funny how you just keep saying the same lies over and over and over and over and over and yet where are the facts? Nowhere. Where is the proof I keep asking for? Nowhere. Every time you lie about Jones I’m going to call you on it, so brace yourself.

        • Big Dog says:

          Now that you have read the flowery crap Adam posted about the guy he has the man crush on, here is a little history. Notice the people he hangs with and with whom he is associated. A couple bombed this country. I see the words communism and Marxism in there. You can believe what he says now but those who fail to see that the past is relevant will get bitten in the arse.

          He later got involved with Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), a group explicitly committed to revolutionary Marxist politics[11] whose points of unity were revolutionary democracy, revolutionary feminism, revolutionary internationalism, the central role of the working class, urban Marxism, and Third World Communism.[12] Elizabeth Martinez, advised Jones at STORM and together they attended a “Challenging White Supremacy” workshop. Martinez was a longtime Maoist who went on to join the Communist Party USA, a breakaway organization Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, in the early 1990s. She still serves on the CCDS council and is also a board member of the Movement for a Democratic Society, where she sits alongside former Weathermen radicals Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.[13] Wikipedia

  25. Adam says:

    Man crush? Heck yeah. I bet the guy looks great with his shirt off, but I digress.

    Van Jones doesn’t deny or try to hide or run from his political past and background. He’s not running for public office and he doesn’t have anything to hide. Yet, your argument is to suggest that since he’s come across, worked with, or otherwise been associated with people who are associated with people like Bill Ayers, that he is somehow guilty as well, or agrees with all those people and is therefore a scary, dangerous man? Well, that’s pretty weak if you ask me.

    Mixing outright lies like calling him a felon into your guilt by association fantasy doesn’t help your case in the least, either.

    • Blake says:

      Adam- the guy talks about redistributing the wealth-
      no. 1- do you agree that money should be taken from those who have earned it, and given to those who have not? and no. 2- how much are you willing to part with, to repay these “wrongs” that the ugly old white man” has “inflicted” on the rest of the poor old world?
      The problem, is that you would not be given a choice on how much you would pay- that is, if you were working, and contributing to society, and not just sucking off of society.
      In a democratic Republic, you are given the chance, the opportunity to succeed, but there are never any guarantees. Given the opportunity, it is up to you to work hard to succeed- if not, you will fail, and you should.
      This is societal evolution- something Vannie doesn’t understand.

    • Blake says:

      You are known by your associations, and Jones is and should be NO different. He is an avowed communist- fact. He has been arrested, and incarcerated twice- fact. He wants to redistribute the wealth- fact.
      When you combine him with the theories and thoughts of
      Mark Lloyd
      Cass Sunstein
      John Holdren
      Carol Browner, what you get is Marxist soup- look, smells. and I am sure tastes like s**t.

  26. Adam says:

    First off I reject your frame. See, I don’t know anything about taking my hard earned dollars and giving it to people who haven’t earned it. What I do know is that I gladly give a share of my income to support social programs that make life easier and more secure for the hard working families and individuals who keep our nation prosperous.

    Second, who is sucking off society?

    • Blake says:

      Apparently, your parents- according to you- and if you are still living in their basement, you are too.

      • Adam says:

        I don’t really know what you’re talking about. I haven’t lived at home in close to 10 years. But if I think back I kind of remember you starting to get that impression. You love to draw conclusions when there isn’t evidence to support said conclusion. This is just another piece of fallout…

        • Adam says:

          And my father is disabled, if that’s what you mean. If you call that sucking off society I guess it shows how big of a kook you really are.

          • Big Dog says:

            Well, Darrell says that Blake, how has his own health problems is sucking off society. So if Blake is then your father is so either both of them are kooks or neither is.

            You decide.

            On a different note, sorry to hear that your father is disabled.

        • Blake says:

          And I am disabled also, but I do not have SS disability- I am fortunate in that I have had money saved- but nobama would like to tax me once again for health coverage for others. Why? I live frugally, but if jughead has his way, I won’t be able to live at all- would this be fair?
          I am also sorry your dad is disabled, but as I am in the same situation, my sympathy is somewhat tempered by my additional disabled wife( she has Multiple Sclerosis) and you know, we can’t even get her SS disability.
          So excuse me if I seem a little callous here, but you know, the whole world has troubles. Deal with it. We do.

        • Blake says:

          Adam, I came to that conclusion, simply because only someone who has been inordinately sheltered from reality could have a worldview such as the one you espouse.

  27. Adam says:

    But I guess Blake is all about denying security and peace of mind to the people who work hard and keep our nation afloat. Sure, keep all your taxes, Blake. You earned that money. What did these families that work all week and still can’t afford healthcare deserve? Nothing. Get a 2nd job, losers. Put your kids to work. Sell that car and get a bike. Lazy bums…

    • Big Dog says:

      There are programs that are available for those who truly cannot afford care. The number of those folks is relatively small. How much do you want us to pay in taxes? The tax load is very demanding. Some of us pay upwards of 35-50% when state and local taxes are considered and this is just tax on income. Once real estate and sales taxes as well as fuel taxes and all the other taxes are thrown in we are paying a lot. Why should we continue to pay this amount of money to a government that is unable to control spending?

      We should pay a flat rate so that EVERYONE pays taxes and has skin in the game. It is easy to say you need more and more when someone else is paying for it. When it affects you then you can demand fiscal responsibility from government.

      How can you justify the waste and say we should pay as much as we do for it?

  28. Adam says:

    I’m all for cutting waste, just not for canceling important programs as some conservatives are and I’m certainly for a public health option even if it means I pay even more in taxes and I already pay a lot.

    I just know that pretending that your tax dollars are so hard earned and only going to people who don’t earn it is just an easy excuse for not facing reality that most people work hard and earn a lot more than they are given for the work they do.

    • Blake says:

      I am trying to read and understand your last sentence here, and I am sorry, but it seems like gibberish here- “… people work hard and earn a lot more than they are given for the work they do.”
      Nope, still sounds crazy to me.
      Work is what a person does for an agreed upon wage- if the wage isn’t enough, go somewhere else- this is America, where you have a choice (for now). Some people pay better than others, and some benefits (remember that word) are better at some places than others.
      If you do not like that, just remember, you did not negotiate your pay very well, and that is your fault.
      Government is not your mama, and when you are grown, you have to learn that life IS NOT FAIR.
      Deal with it.

    • Big Dog says:

      Blake is correct. What you make is an agreement between you and your employer. To come up with some nonsense as more should be taken away is ridiculous. About 60% of the spending is on unconstitutional programs, social welfare if you will. We have agencies duplicating work and government continues to grow. I pay a boatload of money in taxes and would like to have some fiscal responsibility in DC.

      I do not feel obligated to pay for someone else’s insurance with an increase in taxes for a public option. This issue could be fixed without an overhaul and tax increase. The whole issue is about control.

      You might want a public option so why don’t all of you who do pay for the insurance for one other person. If you are willing to pay more in taxes just tell someone you will buy their health insurance and let the rest of us who provide for ourselves continue to do so.

      We survived a long time without all this mess.

      I see a black market opening in health care where doctors work under the table so as not to have to deal with this mess.