Who Do The Dems Protect?

This is from the Federalist Patriot. With the left, the rights of terrorists always trump the rights of Americans. The left will tell a lot of lies before the midterm elections. You will hear about wire-tapping and it will be described as illegal and domestic (two blatant lies), you will hear about Katrina (as if George Bush manufactured the hurricane), you will hear about Iraq and how we can not win (though we are winning), and you will hear about a port deal and our national security (though our security probably does not change one bit). This is from an article in the Federalist Patriot by Mark Alexander. It is entitled “Civil liberties v. al-Qa’ida nukes — guess who wins?”:

Thursday, a message from al-Qa’ida leader Osama bin Laden was broadcast by Islamist media networks. We use the word “leader” very loosely here, because when you are living in a rat hole, and the National Security Agency can detect, in real time, any electronic communication between you and your terrorist cadre, while the CIA, DoD and a few other folks are on the ground capturing or killing anyone associated with you, leadership can be, well, a problem.

Of course, there was nothing clandestine about the latest message from Osama. It was intended for the American media and sounded as if it had been excerpted from recent anti-American rhetoric from Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and other Demo-gogues.

Osama’s periodic broadcasts need not be a source of anxiety for the free world, but the prospect of undetected communication between al-Qa’ida operatives around the world and their Islamist comrades in the West, particularly in the U.S., should evoke a little angst. If Kennedy and Reid have their way, make that a lot of angst.

Fortunately, recent attempts by Democrats to make civil liberties the central political theme of the upcoming midterm elections have failed to get off the ground. Demo leaders Reid and Kennedy launched this initiative in late December, citing objections to renewal of certain USA Patriot Act provisions. Those objections were timed to coincide with The New York Times’ revelation NSA surveillance of communications between potential al-Qa’ida terrorist cell members in the U.S. and known al-Qa’ida principals around the world.

If you would like to read the rest of the article, please visit the Federalist Patriot.

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