Who Did Not See This Coming?

Sean Penn has accused the Bush administration of criminal negligence for what has taken place in Louisiana. He made his remarks while ignoring the blunders of local government and failing to acknowledge their culpability in the matter. Penn is down there with his John Kerry like photographer and a bunch of other people ostensibly to rescue people. Looks more like he is trying to push forward his own political agenda. Penn took a boat that had a hole in it out in the water and had to bail out water in an attempt to keep afloat. Are we really sure Bob Denver died because it looks like Gilligan is in charge of Penn’s boat.

To top it off, Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame and a native of Ireland has criticized “This man called President Bush” who Brosnan says has a lot to answer for. Perhaps Mr. Brosnan is not happy with the way things are running in OUR country. I would recommend he worry about how things are in his own. If he is overly concerned he may make a big donation from all that money he earned here in the film industry regurgitating lines someone wrote for him. Maybe he can offer sound advice on how to organize people like the IRA does. In any event. I don’t think the President or any other American needs to answer to Pierce Brosnan.

It started early and Kenye West race baited pretty good. Now we have Penn and Brosnan. Pretty soon all the Hollywood elite will be out in force to criticize. Perhaps they are upset at the prospect of missing Mardi Gras or not having that New Orleans vacation this year. Whatever the reason they will be out and will be spewing the hatred. I hope someone reminds them that what Louisiana can use is their money not their mouth.

Penn’s Wisdom.

Brosnan’s Wisdom.

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