Who Causes Murder and Torture

Eason Jordan of CNN is reported to have accused the great men and women of our armed forces of torturing and murdering journalists. Jordan evidently made these accusations at the World Economic Forum. GOP Bloggers has some information on this and an effort to get this out in the blogosphere.

I wonder where Jordan gets his information? Was he there when this happened? Did some dead journalist contact him from the ever after and tell him? Perhaps Michael Moore or John Kerry told him about it. However he got the information (or misinformation) is of no consequence. The fact is, this is a bunch of BS. American soldiers DO NOT murder and torture journalists. American soldiers do not murder or torture anyone. There are a few criminals who have participated in questionable acts and they were tried and sent to prison. I might add, they will probably spend more time in prison than the terrorists who were tortured. Eason Jordan has fabricated a story and it portrayed American service members in a bad light.

Since Jordan wants to talk about murder and torture let me shed some light on this. The American press is responsible for the torture and murder of people captured by terrorists. The press was asked not to show the pictures of the abuse at Abu Grahbe. They were not asked because the DOD wanted it covered up. It was already out there and investigations were taking place. The DOD wanted the pictures surpressed because it knew that there would be a huge uproar in the Arab world and that Americans and those helping America would be targeted. The media decided that it needed to sell one more paper, or one more commercial so they aired the pictures. They plastered them all over. There were pictures of the torture every ten minutes. You could not flip a channel without seeing this. For weeks the media kept this up. What happened after this? The terrorists started capturing and killing people. How many times did the media show the beheading of the first victim? NONE! And the reason they gave is that it was too violent and unsetteling. Well, they caused it. They were told this would happen yet they went ahead and in the ensuing weeks many people were captured and beheaded.

So when you hear any stories from this jackass Jordan, keep in mind that he and the rest of the media are the ones who caused the torture and murder that is part of the terrorist doctrine.

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