Who Are You Going To Believe?

Barack Obama has a problem with the truth as does his running mate Joe Biden. This is not to say that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have not had their issues with the truth because they are politicians and often the facts depend what reference is used. There is a distinct difference between using resources that support your position and telling outright lies.

After the last debate we were bombarded by the Obama regime all telling us that Mitt Romney lied. Why, Obama was so stunned that Romney has changed his position (though there is no evidence that he has done so) and just flat out lied that he could not effectively respond.

Changed positions? Is it a changed position for Obama to tell us that if he did not fix things in four years he would be one term? Is it changed for Obama to say racking up debt on the credit card of China was unpatriotic when Bush did it but OK when he does it? Is it a changed position for Obama to say he does not support gay marriage then say that he does (when he needs support from the gay community)? Why are all these items ignored?

Politicians change positions but unfortunately, most of the time they change for political expedience rather than an evolved and well thought progression (or regression as the case might be).

When it comes to lies though it is often difficult to say the politician was lying at the time. A politician probably really believes he will change things or accomplish what he says when he arrives in office only to find it difficult. When a politician says something he absolutely knows he cannot do then he is lying.

Barack Obama said he would cut the deficit in half in his first term. He has not and has in fact doubled it. This was a lie because he knew he could not do this. He had to know that his big time spending plans would not allow him to cut the deficit in half.

Obama just told a whopper of a lie when he said that the we (the American taxpayer) got back every dime of the bailout. Last week Obama claimed that we got back every dime used to bailout the financial system.

The problem is the CBO says that we will lose about $24 BILLION dollars and about $65 BILLION remains outstanding.

So we not only did not get it all back but a lot remains at large and we are expected NOT to get it all back. This is just in the financial part of the bailout. Let us not forget that GM got BILLIONS and we will not get that back.

How much is a BILLION? If you had a BILLION dollars and spent $1000 a day it would take you 2,740 years to spend it all.

If that is not bad enough it looks like Joe Biden, fresh off his demented old man performance at the debate, has been caught in a lie. We already know that he lied about the Embassy security in Libya. Even though Hillary Clinton fell on her sword for a lying president (not the first time she has ever done that) the reality is the regime lied about what happened and the security issues. Perhaps if Obama attended his daily security briefs he would be better aware of what is going on. Unfortunately it appears as if the only way he would get those briefs is if they were written on a golf scorecard.

Anyway, Biden lied about the issue regarding religious institutions (among many other things) being forced to provide contraception to their employees. Paul Ryan asked a great question about this. If what Biden said was true then why is the Catholic Church suing the regime over the issue? Biden claimed that he was telling the truth (he hardly ever tells the truth) but the Catholic Bishops have weighed in and said Biden is lying.

The duo of Obama and Biden is dangerous for this nation. A second term where Obama is unbridled would result in damage that would be difficult to recover from and would take years, if we were able to recover at all.

It is time to end the Obamanation.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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