Who Are The Extremists?

Governor Cuomo of New York has rushed through anti gun legislation that infringes on the Constitutional rights of all New Yorkers. In the wake of the Newtown mass murder, where a nut broke dozens of existing laws to murder school children, anti gun zealots like Cuomo danced on the graves of the victims to push their agenda.

The people of New York who are not inclined to break the law and are not inclined to use their guns illegally have been targeted in this round of Constitution shredding. None of the provisions in the new law will stop what happened in Newtown from happening in New York.

This has not fazed the Governor who has decided that he has the duty to trample on the rights of the people. He has erroneously stated that these common sense measures (none of which contain anything close to common sense) are supported by the majority of the people. This is a lie. Liberals love to repeat lies over and over because the longer they repeat them the more people believe them to be true. Any poll that shows a majority support is biased and had questions designed to get answers desired.

And now the registration part of the law begins. People with firearms designated as assault weapons (a phony name) have from now until 15 April 2014 to register them. Registration is the first step in the process of confiscation. This has been the case in nearly every country that eventually banned and confiscated firearms. The most notorious example would be Hitler’s Nazi Germany where firearms registration led to confiscation and the eventual extermination of millions of people, most of whom were Jews.

I doubt many people will rush to register their firearms but if they do those will be confiscated the next time some person breaks the law and murders with a firearm.

The murders will take place, Cuomo or his liberal replacement will scream for gun bans and then use the lists of registered owners to confiscate firearms from those who broke no laws.

Cuomo calls those who oppose such things as an extreme element. I ask which is extreme, those who support the Constitution or those who work to ignore and violate it.

Cuomo and his anti gun zealots are the true extremists. They are the ones who are doing things counter to what our Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, states.

Cuomo and his ilk will only turn a great number of law abiding citizens into criminals.

Or as I prefer to call them, the resistance, patriots all.

If you can, just move out of the state. Let it die a slow death.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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One Response to “Who Are The Extremists?”

  1. Blake says:

    Gov. Perry has been talking to Remington, and Magpul, as well as several others who have their businesses in restrictive states- I hope they decide to re-locate here.
    Good jobs, and no state income tax- how can you go wrong?