While You’re At It, Check Your Blood Pressure

Barack Obama has a sure fire energy plan and that plan is for you to check your tire pressure and make sure it is where it is supposed to be. Now this is fine advice and keeping tires properly inflated will help people conserve a little fuel but this will not solve our energy problems. Obama and McCain have been going back and forth on the tire pressure issue and Obama supporters have chimed in to let us know The One is correct, and oh so wise. They are convinced this is some kind of revelation.

The fact is that anyone who owns a vehicle of any kind and is responsible already knows this. People who take responsibility for their property know that they need to get regular oil changes, regular tune ups and they need to check their air pressure to ensure proper inflation. Auto experts have been telling us to check our tires for decades and each owner’s manual discusses properly inflating one’s tires. It is so important there is a sticker inside the door of each vehicle indicating the proper tire pressure.

The reason people on the right make fun of the suggestion is that, in the first place, the amount of fuel saved will not solve our energy problems. Secondly, we on the right have known this and those who are, once again responsible, have been doing this. The reason this is such a profound statement to liberals is because they needed a guy from the government to tell them the information because they need government to completely run their lives for them. They all probably have a recording from the government with a voice that says; “breathe in…..breathe out.”

It is also funny that Obama said that AAA and NASCAR endorse properly inflating our tires as if this is new. Besides that, what does Obama know about NASCAR? Obviously not much if he is looking to them to provide guidance on fuel economy. You see, they also endorse driving 170 mph and they burn more fuel in a weekend than most of us do all month.

For those of you on the left who think Obama has come up with some grand idea, it is not new. Let me help you. Go to the store and buy a tire pressure gauge and put it in your glove box. Them once a month check your tire pressure. Radio Shack has a nice digital air gauge that makes a nice gift. Mrs. Dog got me one a few years ago and I retired the old stick scale model I had.

Just in case you libs did not know this, properly inflated tires not only save you a little fuel they also last a lot longer. Of course you will need a proper alignment (which also helps to save fuel). Oops, sorry. I probably ruined the next revelation the sainted one is going to have to teach you kool aid drinkers how to save gas.

So, keep in mind that no one is saying Obama is incorrect about inflated tires saving people fuel (a little). We are saying that he is wrong in telling us this is somehow a method of decreasing our fuel demands. As it stands right now, a lot more people are taking public transportation and not driving their cars anyway.

If everyone who owned a car checked their tire pressure right now and made sure they were all correct, gas would still be $4.00 a gallon. With gas prices that high tire pressure isn’t the only thing we should check. We also need to check our blood pressure…

At least we now know Obama favors inflation…

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “While You’re At It, Check Your Blood Pressure”

  1. Reason says:

    Big Dog you forgot to mention the earth shattering revelations of tire rotation and balancing as well, but I know you only did that so as not to steal Obama’s thunder.

    For the Know Nothing liberals out there you should have your tires rotated every other oil change so that they wear more evenly and last longer. Also about halfway through the life of the tire (of if you happen to throw a weight) you may need to have them rebalanced, one indicator of this is a vibration while driving at highway speeds.

    I also strongly suggest that people RTFM when it comes to cars and other equipment so they know proper maintenance and operation procedures.

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  2. Schatzee says:

    “breathe in breathe out” bwahahahahah that’s good.

    BTW – I thought what he suggested was that proper inflation would save all the oil they were going to drill
    OBAMA: “We could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and — and — and getting regular tune-ups, you can actually save just as much.”
    Here’s a great idea – let’s do both! If we drill AND take care of our cars then think how better off we’ll be.
    Still LMAO on the breathe in thing. Love it.

  3. Angi says:

    When inflating my tires properly starts getting me 60 miles to the gallon, then I might give some more weight to his ignorant claims and suggestions…

  4. bob says:

    been following those ignorant claims for years. served me well.