Which Clinton is Running Against Obama?

During this primary season we have a Democratic Party which includes H. Rodham Clinton, wife of former president Bill Clinton. When the campaigns started over a year ago a lot was made of Bill and how he would be involved. Hillary made it known that this was her campaign and that she was running on her own and when things started out it certainly looked that way. Then Hillary was rocked in Iowa and went into New Hampshire with a double digit deficit. Enter Bill Clinton.

Bill has been very involved since Hillary’s embarrassing loss in Iowa and since then he has been the one confronting B. Hussein Obama. Sure, Hillary cried to garner the sympathy of women but it has been Bill who has been attacking. Bill went on the warpath and said Obama’s record of opposition to the war was a fairy tale and then he defended the teacher’s union’s lawsuit in an effort to disenfranchise voters in Nevada. Bill then questioned the veracity of the process and accused the union of voter suppression though eyewitnesses tell that it was the Clinton campaign trying to suppress the vote and disenfranchise Obama supporters. That info came from a member of the Daily Kos.

Bill Clinton is now campaigning in South Carolina while Hillary runs through the tsunami Tuesday states. If she is the one running for president, why is she not in South Carolina? It is not unusual for campaigns to send surrogates to future states but usually the candidate campaigns in the active state. Hillary is not in SC and Bill is so that begs the question, which Clinton is running against Obama? Bill Clinton is vastly more popular than his wife and was widely viewed as the first black president which might explain his presence in SC but he is not the candidate. If we are to believe that Hillary is her own person why is she not the one campaigning? If Hillary is capable of being president on her own merits then why does she send her husband out to fight her fights?

When Bill ran in 1992 he told people that with him you get two presidents for the price of one. Is there any doubt that Bill is running for his third term this time as Hillary’s co-president? From what we have seen in her campaign, is there any doubt that Bill will be calling some of the shots? Is there any doubt that Bill will have an active roll in governing this country?

People can make the claim that H. Rodham is the strongest candidate but the truth is, her strength is Bill and without him she is nothing. She depends on him and without his strengths her negatives make her completely unelectable and this is just in the Democratic base. In the national election, nothing Bill says or does will erase the greater than 50% negatives she carries. Republicans will come out in droves to keep her out of office.

Of course, if the Clinton crime family keeps working on the voter disenfranchisement they might be successful in granting Bill his third term.

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Which Clinton is Running Against Obama?”

  1. Adam says:

    With no intention of getting you on a rant about feminists, let me say…

    In a book I read about 2 years ago it talked about how Hillary being president would be the ultimate in feminist realization….how mainstream feminism is not about women rising above men, but about equality, and that role reversal such as with the Clinton’s would be such a type of feminism. It’s the same idea of a man staying home raising the kids while the wife has the career, except this is on a bigger scale and much more important to women’s rights in the short term. We’re talking about a man who was sat in arguably the most powerful position on Earth, and then would be sitting back and watching his own wife have that same position. The idea is interesting if you think about these sorts of things.

    I think Bill Clinton going to SC is not just because of his black voter support in the past as you mentioned, but it also could be a sign that they’re cutting their losses there already. Do you happen to know where she was at? I didn’t see any news either way. I’d imagine a better strategy would be for her to go to a place that is more likely to swing her way. Plus it would be easier for her to shrug off a loss there if she’s not campaigning full throttle in the state.

    Bill campaigning for her puts him in an important role, which in this case is attack dog. He can say and do things that are removed from her even though they are married. I think we’ve seen John Edwards’ wife doing this, though she doesn’t waggle fingers I don’t believe…

  2. Big Dog says:

    I don’t see the importance of her doing the job with regard to advancing the feminist movement. They are already one of the protected classes and have preference in contracts, schools, and some jobs. I guess if she were taking over a company from her husband this might apply because the risks would be taken by their company. Unfortunately, if she bombs it will affect all of us and women in particular. If Hillary is a terrible president it will be decades before another woman gets a chance. The cry will be, been there, done that…

    Hillary wants it both ways. She wants Bill to attack Obama and then when he addresses it in the debate she says well, he is not here, I am. This is not taking responsibility for her campaign and it shows that she NEEDS a man to do her job.

    I wrote bad things about Edwards for having his wife attack Hillary so it would not look like he was picking on a girl. Of course, we see where he sits in the race so perhaps he should have come out swinging on his own.

    Obama must read my blog because he said it is difficult to tell which one he is running against.

  3. Adam says:

    Yeah, I thought of you when I read Obama’s statements. If by need a man you mean she needs her husband to support her, just like Edwards needs his wife…

  4. Big Dog says:

    And if you search my archives you will several posts where I took him to task for just that…

    I am equal opportunity