Where Would Iran Get Nukes?

There has been concern in the world about Iran and its nuclear program.Iran claims it has the right to develop nuclear technology and that they are only enriching uranium for peaceful purposes. They claim not to be developing nuclear weapons and only need the nuclear energy to produce electricity. Anyone with half a brain knows they are lying and are developing nuclear weapons. By the time they are caught or come clean it will be too late to stop them. Here is a statement by Iran’s defense minister:

Iran’s defense minister on Thursday vowed that his country would “use nuclear defense as a potential” if “threatened by any power.”

Now if they are not developing nuclear weapons and they only want the technology for peaceful purposes, where are they getting the weapons for “nuclear defense”? Seems to me this guy is telling the world they are developing or have developed a nuclear weapon and will use it if they are threatened.

Like I said before, you can trust them. We should ignore them and do it the way the moonbats like to handle things, through the UN and when Iran launches a nuke at one of the European countries we can sit back and listen to the body counts. Then, we can get rid of all the donks who enabled Iran and we can tell the world that the next time we talk they should listen.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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