Where Were the Democrats Then?

The Democrats, led by that windbag Chuck Schumer, are in a tizzy about the firing US prosecutors. The Justice Department dismissed eight federal prosecutors and the Democrats are acting like a crime was committed. These lawyers serve in at will jobs and can be replaced at any time and for any reason. The problem is, Democrats do not like it when George Bush’s administration uses its authority. Since the administration was considering canning all 93 of them I imagine the Democrats would have then been foaming at the mouth. Schumer, who makes me ill whenever I have to listen to his whiny voice, has demanded that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales step down. I have an idea. How about if Chuck Schumer steps down and shuts the hell up?

The Democrats say that the firings were politically motivated and they might well have been. The fact is you don’t need a reason to dismiss an at will employee. I wonder where all these champions of justice were when Janet Reno requested the resignation of all 93 during Bill Clinton’s presidency. The firings under Clinton were believed to be retribution for the investigation of Representative Dan Rostenkowski who just happened to be a key Clinton ally. Where was Chuck Schumer? Did he show up and ask Janet Reno to step down? Did any of these hypocrites on the left make any such demands? No, they did not and the reason they did not is because the savior Bubba was in the White House.

Schumer can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I am concerned. So can anyone else who is upset about these eight lawyers. Perhaps we can send these guys back to school so they can learn what “at will” actually means. Perhaps we can tell them to stick to their business and let the President stick to his. For a bunch of people who are all upset about lawyers being fired they sure do not appear to have any concern about getting judges on the bench. These guys are worried that at will employees were terminated for political reasons and yet they refuse to give an up or down on judges nominated by the President for purely political reasons.

Schumer is a twit.

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