Where Was Murtha Then?

Jack Murtha, the Congressman who called for the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, was interviewed this weekend and when asked if he would join the military today he replied “No.” I am assuming they meant if he were a young man again but with the MSM, one never knows. As for Murtha, I am sure he would not join today given his attitude of surrender. What I find interesting is that he implied that the lack of combat experience of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld might have affected their decision making abilities. Is Congressman Murtha telling us that Combat experience is a necessity for President, Vice President, or Secretary of Defense?

If this is the case where was loud mouth Murtha when Bill Clinton was taking heat for never having served. Clinton had no military experience because he dodged the draft, a fact glossed over by the same MSM who impugns Bush’s National Guard service as draft dodging. Where was Murtha when Clinton fouled up the situation in Iraq by lobbing missiles in every once in a while to divert attention from his troubles here at home? Where was Murtha when Clinton was involving us in Bosnia, a mission that is on-going? Where was this man telling us that Clinton fouled up the military when he gutted it? I do not recall hearing this hero telling us how Clinton’s lack of military service was a problem in the decision making that took place in that corrupt administration.

I guess Murtha is part of the Clinton rewriting history team. Jack, you are entitled to your opinion but you should at least remain consistent. Consistency gives you credibility, a quality your past military service can only give you so much of. I will say this Jack, it is time for you to retire and go home. Your tired rhetoric and constant belly-aching make you a disgrace to the Congress and to the men and women who have more courage than those who would not join.


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