Where is the Condemnation for Torture of Brits?

We all saw the pictures more times than was necessary as blow-hards like Ted Kennedy flashed them every time a camera was near. Some poor slob was naked, had a dog barking at him, was kept in the cold or hear, or couldn’t get sleep. Let’s not forget the electrical wires attached to another poor slob. All these things elicited outrage from the world and Kennedy opined that the torture chambers had opened under new management. How dare we treat these honorable terrorists this way?

Where are all the groups that complained about Abu Ghraib now? Where are Code Pink, ANSWER, the ACLU, Amnesty International and all the other pinko groups that cried about this? Where are they now that we know the 15 Brits who were taken hostage by Iran were really tortured. Where are the MSM news casters and their holier than thou attitudes now that we know the Brits faced a mock execution, and faced other treatment that was described as torture by those who were held captive?

They are all no where to be found just as they were when American soldiers were captured and tortured, having their hearts cut out and their genitals cut off and shoved in their mouths. We can not find them because they sympathize with the evil bastards who do these things. There has been no UN condemnation for Iran illegally entering Iraqi waters and taking warriors hostage, an act of war. We have plenty of enemies around the world and that we can understand. What I have trouble with are those within our borders who take every opportunity to point out each time a soldier farts near a Muslim but refuse to report on and condemn the acts of brutality and inhumanity exhibited by the animals of Islam.

Where were those terrorists from CAIR? How come they did not immediately come out and demand that the Brits be released. They have been very vocal about getting their terrorist brothers at Gitmo released and you can bet if Briton entered Iranian waters and took Iranian military members hostage CAIR would be all over it like Rosie on a pizza. They have remained silent because they agree with that kind of behavior and they do not care what happens to non-Muslims.

Now that Iran has released the Brits (I believe in part because another American Carrier Group is heading there) the UK needs to decide what kind of punishment Iran deserves. The UK needs to start by taking all the evidence to the UN and demand that Iran be sanctioned in some fashion. That will not happen but then it gives the Brits the ability to say they tried it the French way (not that I think they have to). Then the UK should mount an air assault on Tehran. They should send a bunch of bombers in during the night and target every government and military building in Tehran. This will help them to destroy every facility that the hostages might have been held in. They need to have about 10 or so passes over Tehran and level all those buildings. Then they need to send a letter to Ahmadinejad and thank him for his hospitality.

I would close the letter with “Do you want to screw with us again?”

Daily Mail UK

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One Response to “Where is the Condemnation for Torture of Brits?”

  1. kathy says:

    THANK YOU! The selective outrage from the left is nauseating.

    This is yet another example where the left proves their ideals are not based on moral principles but leftist politics.