Where is the Affirmative Action at the NAACP?

The leader of the NAACP Kweisi Mfume stepped down near the end of last year. There has been a great deal of talk about his successor. The name I hear the most is Elijah Cummings from Maryland. I want to know who else is being considered. I am willing to bet the NAACP is not considering a white person. There are plenty of qualified white people and since most of the NAACP membership is black it means the white person is the minority.

To me, this means any white person who steps up should get preference for the job. This is how affirmative action works and the left is always saying we need it. I think it is high time they step up and show that when they say fair they mean fair for everybody. When they say regardless of color it means the color white also.

I am willing to bet that there will not be a white candidate for the job. I am willing to also bet any white candidate would be shot down. They would even tell you it was because the person is white and get away with it. Try that the other way and see what happens. I’d take the job but they would not like that. I would have their liberal butts straightened out.

Since we know they will not have a white guy. I have a great idea as to the black person best qualified to lead the NAACP (actually my friend Dave had the idea). It should be none other than Walter E. Williams. This is a guy who could have the NAACP is good working order in no time flat. It won’t happen though. The non racist organization who would not have a white is the same non-partisan organization who would not have a conservative.

Just my thoughts. Keep your eyes open for the white guy. We have to make sure it is fair for everyone….

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