Where Is The ACLU?

When ever there is the slightest hint that something religious is involved in public schools the ACLU rears its ugly head. They were involved in the Intelligent Design debate and helped defeat its mention in public school. Certain courts have ruled that parents have no say in what their children are taught. It would appear from the ID debate and all the sexually explicit items being introduced that his is the case.

Now children in California are being indoctrinated into the Muslim religion. They are being taught a watered down version of the Koran and what it means. These children are being forced to learn about Muslim religion in a public school and the mighty ACLU has been silent in the matter. Can someone explain why it is that ID can not even be discussed as an alternative but children can be FORCED to sit through Muslim indoctrination?

This is a disgrace and if parents had any sense they would do something to keep this from happening. If their children are forced to listen to this information and parents are once again forced to allow it, then they should teach their children the true words of violence contained in the Koran. They should reinforce their own religious values and encourage their children to exercise their right not to participate in forced indoctrination.

Let’s make no mistake. The school did not say there is another idea about life out there and it is in the Koran. That would probably be allowed despite the snub of ID but in reality the public schools are teaching religion to our children. They are teaching one specific religion. I would urge all students who are Christians to stand up in class and recite the Lord’s prayer. They should continue this no matter how much they are harassed by school officials who only accept tolerance when it is their brand of forced tolerance.

Come to think of it. Where is that idiot Michael Newdow?

Source: FrontPageMagazine

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