Where Has This Guy Been?

The billionaire who was involved in the Jared Paul Stern shake down has issued a warning to the media. He says they are in trouble of becoming tabloid type publications. Become tabloid publications? Where on Earth has this guy been hiding? They are already tabloid publications!

“Newspapers that continue to go down the road of tabloidism, that adopt the shoddy standards of gossip reporting, and that arrogantly resist correcting their mistakes, risk losing their special role in our democracy,” Ron Burkle wrote in an op-ed piece published Wednesday in The Wall Street Journal.

I have news for this guy. This also applies to the broadcast news. Resist correcting mistakes? Does the name Dan Rather ring a bell?

This guy must be like Howard Hughes and live a reclusive life if he is under the impression that newspapers are on their way to shoddy as opposed to already there.

Source: Breitbart

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