Where Are Democrats, FEMA?

Last week thunderstorms in the Midwest caused tornadoes that killed a few dozen people. A week later more tornadoes have caused more deaths. In the wake of these storms there has been destruction of lives and property. The news is filled with stories of families looking for loved ones and possessions, of people trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

So the big question is, where are the Democrats? Another equally important question, where is FEMA? Why is it that when Katrina hit New Orleans we had Democratic leaders out within hours telling us how the Bush Administration and FEMA botched the response. We had people telling us that it was the responsibility of the federal government to come tot he aid of all the people and make sure they were able to rebuild. We had idiots like Kanye West telling us that George Bush hates black people. In the wake of these tornadoes, I want to know why there is no outcry that the federal government should be in there helping, rebuilding.

Could it be that New Orleans is the most important city int he US? Could it be that with a black population nearly 70% the Democrats saw an opportunity to pander for votes? Could it be that since the Midwest is full of red states they do not deserve to be helped? I just want to know why all the Democrats are not thumping their chests and telling us what a botched response this is and that lives are at stake. I want to know why areas of this country that are not New Orleans are routinely ignored when natural disaster hits and I want to know why different parts of the country are treated so differently.

Anyone who reads this knows that I feel it is local government’s responsibility to take care of these things with assistance from the federal government when needed. I also think that these areas will, as they have many times before, rebuild regardless of the involvement of the federal government. The hypocrisy is quite evident though and it shows once again that those who are raised with an entitlement mentality look for others to do everything for them while those who are raised to take care of themselves jump up and get to work dealing with their problems regardless of who comes to help.

Source: WBAL

Big Dog

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One Response to “Where Are Democrats, FEMA?”

  1. Robert says:

    I posted an article from N.D. on my spot you might like. It deals with the difference of disaster relief.
    Great post BTW Big dog.