When You Don’t Have An Issue, Blame Other Side

Ever since the Dubai Port deal the Democrats have been running around telling everyone they are really strong on National Defense. I guess if they repeated it enough they might believe it. We heard Chuck Schumer tell us how tough he was while the New York ports were in disrepair and thousands of workers who never should have been allowed, went in and out. Baltimore, disgraceful under the Democrats here. The donks thought they had an in and could show the public how tough they were.

During all of this, they and their mouthpieces in the MSM were harping about wire taps and listening to phone calls of terrorists blah, blah. All of the sudden, a huge terror plot breaks that had the potential for catastrophe that would have dwarfed 9/11 in lives lost. The very items that the left said we should not do, the same things the ACLU demanded be stopped while they sued and sued, were the items that help bring down these jihadi wannabes. So who was strong on national defense? Was it the group that opposed all items or the group that used them on certain conditions?

Now of course, the left is complaining that the issue of terror should not be political. This is what you do when the thing you wanted to use against an opponent gets shot down. They wanted to appear strong on National Defense while opposing measures that would allow us to be strong. Those very methods were used to thwart a huge terror plot that could have killed thousands. If you were a person who had tickets on one of the potential targets then you should be thanking Bush for sticking to the plan. You could be dead if the moonbats would have gotten their way.

When you have no argument, attack and claim that the issue should not be discussed as a political one. This is the signature of the donks. They know that this terrorist plot screwed them because Americans want stronger national defense and they want to be safer. They never will with moonbats because they are always too willing to abandon something in order not to offend. We will see how this plays out.


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2 Responses to “When You Don’t Have An Issue, Blame Other Side”

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