When You Don’t Follow The Rules

When I was growing up and did not follow the rules I usually received a swift indication that I had done something wrong. For instance, when I got my license I was allowed to drive but had to be in by a certain time. If I was late, I was not allowed to drive. My parents would say that I needed to follow the rules. Not long ago there was a debate at Adam’s site about the emergency birth control pill sometimes referred to as the morning after pill and we were all in general agreement that it is something that should be used in an emergency such as after a rape. There were a few who thought that it could be given if a woman forgot her birth control and engaged in unprotected sex. I think it was generally agreed upon that she should have to go to the doctor (or call one) after the event. That these pills should not be kept around the house because although they prevent conception (and are therefore not causing an abortion) they are also not regular birth control.

It looks like Wisconsin will ban these pills on state run college campuses. This measure surfaced after a health clinic serving UW-Madison students published ads in campus newspapers inviting students to call for prescriptions for the drug to use on spring break. I am in agreement with this measure. Since state run colleges are paid for by the state then the state can decide to do this and I agree. As my parents would say, you have to play by the rules. If you are advertising the pill as a compliment to spring break then you are advertising it in opposition to its intended purpose. If college kids are going on spring break they should continue their regular birth control and take what ever physical barriers they like.

The bill was introduced by a republican in the state and it appears that the democratic governor will veto the measure. Once again a governor will veto a bill that is designed to protect people. And yes they will be protected. These pills are super doses of hormones and can cause problems and should not be used nonchalantly. Leave it to the Democrats to spin this into a complete lie and then play the women will be denied card.

Democrats said the bill would deny rape victims a chance to stop pregnancies and predicted it would lead to more unwanted pregnancies and surgical abortions.

OK, once again I have to educate the democrats. Actually they probably know but play the public because they can so easily mislead the uninformed. This bill will not stop rape victims from getting the pill. A doctor can still prescribe and administer the pill. It is assumed that a rape victim would go to the hospital where a health professional can administer this pill. The bill bans the state run college campuses from prescribing the pill, not the rest of the state. Here are some more words of wisdom from a democratic genius.

Democratic Rep. Marlin Schneider called the measure “a direct frontal assault on the right to privacy, on the right of free speech, on the right of a free press.”

“Apparently some in this body want to take us back to the time when the dispensing of contraception was a criminal act,” Schneider said.

I want anyone to explain how this is a violation of free speech or the right to a free press. How is this an assault on privacy? And no one wants to make it a criminal act though I will tell this idiot that dispensing a medicine in a way that it was not intended to be dispensed (or for a reason it is not approved) is a violation of the law. The pill is designed to be prescribed and administered after an event. It is not a prophylactic. I wonder what would happen if the campus clinic was advertising prescriptions for opiate pain relievers “in case you hurt yourself.” This would be a violation of the law. There is no difference between these two situations except you have some donk politicians throwing in buzz words and talking points. Well fellas, it comes down to the fact that state run colleges get money from the state so they are held accountable. Leave it to a donk to throw free speech and free press into an argument. Too bad they do not fit.

I think the state should be investigating the clinics and fining them if it is determined they violated the dispensing laws. In addition, there should be education to teach people the purpose of this drug and what alternatives are available. These alternatives will still be available under this bill despite what critics say about the wording being too vague. I have read the bill and it specifically states hormonal medication administered after intercourse for post-coital control of fertility. This folks, is the description of the morning after pill not regular birth control. I am not surprised that the donks would have trouble understanding it seeing as they could not figure out the meaning of the word “is.”

The bill is here.
The article is here.

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