When Will The Left Ever Accept Responsibility?

Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Wonder Bread (among other things), has closed its doors and will lay off over 18,000 workers. About a third of the workforce is composed of union members and those thugs went on strike. Their refusal to work with the struggling company led to everyone, union and non-union alike, losing their jobs. Isn’t this wonderful? A month before Christmas and 18 thousand people are out of work all because union employees insisted that Hostess get blood out of a rock.

The company has had problems in the past and went through a bankruptcy some years ago. It hit financial troubles again and again filed for bankruptcy. The union was not too helpful with restructuring so that jobs and the company could be saved.

The union employees decided they would rather everyone lose their jobs and get the little money from unemployment than to accept lower wages and reduced benefits so that everyone could continue to get a paycheck. Now they get less money and have NO benefits. This is how unions work.

Richard Trumka (let’s call him Dick), head of the AFL-CIO blamed Mitt Romney in a backdoor way by claiming that the greedy company and its vulture capital methods caused the end of jobs. It is Dick’s assertion that the leaders of the company were so greedy and rolling in so much money that they wanted more at the expense of the workers.

Perhaps I am missing something but if the people running the company had so much money they would not have been in financial trouble, would not have had a previous bankruptcy, and would not be closing down.

The reality is that the only people to blame for the shut down is the union and its members. Perhaps they thought the leaders were bluffing. Perhaps they really believed there was more money. Perhaps they thought it would all work out.

Perhaps they did not care.

In any event, they are all now out of work and an American company that has been around for 82 years is out of business.

There is a possibility that some of the popular items will be bought up by other baking companies (permission to liquidate is needed from the bankruptcy court) and the beloved Twinkie will continue to broaden the waistlines of Americans (Dick Trumka looks like a regular Twinkie eater). If so I doubt the companies will be looking to hire any of the union members who caused this problem.

As for Dick blaming this on vulture capitalists perhaps he should learn a thing or two. Hostess was saved from extinction in its past bankruptcy by these very kinds of people who ponied up money to help the company.

Instead of blaming people like Romney Dick should look at the real culprits, the union employees. If anything, Hostess needed a company like Bain to come in and infuse cash and then assist with getting things on better financial footing.

There will soon be a crisis as stoners in states that passed laws legalizing marijuana (and stoners everywhere for that matter) are left without Twinkies and Ding Dongs when they get the munchies.

While Twinkie Toes Dick Trumka is out running his mouth and blaming others (a common thing among the left) more than 18,000 people will join the largest growing segment of the population in the Obama era.

The unemployed.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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5 Responses to “When Will The Left Ever Accept Responsibility?”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    This is only the beginning. It will get far worse. The thing that makes me angry is that all the people who voted for Obama hurt the rest of the American people who did not.

  2. Bleech says:

    Any comment on the pay the upper management recieved when the company was broke? Eat a tweenkey you old fool

    • Big Dog says:

      You mean the pay that was proposed in order to go around certain backruptcy laws regarding paying people cash to stay on board? The pay that is hard to confirm since many of the executives left the company and others rejected the money? Or do you mean the $1 a year salary they accepted after the outrage over people who run a company making money? While the salaries are in question (did they get them or not) the reality is the company cannot afford the union legacy pensions and unions refused to budge. Perhaps it is because they need all that money to pay their union bosses.


      I do not eat Twinkies and the only fool is one who thinks companies exist to give products away and enrich unions…

  3. turkeylover says:

    Bleech, I think the union workers were also getting paid, and since it wasn’t management that caused Twinkies to go broke, but the union employees, they should not get any pay. The management was working to keep the company, and the union trying to kill it. Who do you think deserves pay?

  4. Blake says:

    Unions suck, and always have- to give ANY of your money to someone to vote, or persuade the vote (whether you agree or not), is downright ignorant.
    Personally, I think trumka should be bitchslapped right down Pennsylvania Ave., with all the other union asses.