When Will Lieberman Learn?

I am not a supporter of Joe Lieberman and I did not vote for the ticket he was on. I will say though, that he has been a supporter of the war and has supported the president on a number of occasions. The problem he faces is that he does not tow the party line. He is not out undermining our efforts at every turn and that has made some people, especially the liberal bloggers, very mad. They have backed Ned Lamont in the Connecticut primary and it now appears that Lamont has a slight lead over Lieberman, remarkable when one considers he was down by 15% at one time.

Has Joe Lieberman figured it out yet? Has he seen the light? Is he now aware that the Democrats will dump anyone who does not march in lock step with the anti-America agenda of the left? Has he yet learned that he only has people that he thought were friends? The Democrats are coming out of the closet to support Lamont. The Hollywood elite and members of his own party. Now people will make the argument that the Democratic politicians have said they will support the primary winner and they respect the primary process. But what goes unsaid is how the statements are designed to hurt Lieberman.

It is no secret that Hillary does not support him because he excoriated her husband when he got caught with his pants down. She could have easily said that she is confident that Lieberman will win. She could have left out the “I support who wins the primary stuff.” There are others who are in the same situation. They say that they will support the winner of the primary without saying that they support Lieberman. This is a kiss of death designed to tell people that if Lamont wins they will make back him completely in the general election. Bill Clinton has been campaigning for Lieberman (he must not hold the same grudge his wife does) but even he has been given his marching orders. Today a statement was released that said Bill Clinton would support whoever won the Democratic primary. This statement could have been held until after the primary but it was designed to let Lamont supporters know that if he wins, Clinton will not support Lieberman as an Independent.

Has Joe gotten it yet? The party to which he swears allegiance to does not care about him. They are willing to abandon him. He is even willing to abandon the party to run as an Independent so his allegiance must not be too great as well. Of course, politicians will do anything to stay in power. They will even rebuke the Democratic process in order to win.

I would like to see one of the following. Lamont win the primary and lose the general to a Republican. Lamont win the primary and Lieberman beats him in the general then changes parties and becomes a Republican to give the right more votes. I doubt that would happen but it would sure be great to see him slap his “friends” in the face.

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One Response to “When Will Lieberman Learn?”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    Liberman sure learned a hard lesson and it was done in public which makes it even harder. But that is what happens when he gave his all to the party of big government and small loyalty to America and Americans.

    Great write up about this Big Dog.