When the Sentries Become the Trespassers

The United States of America is slipping further into the abyss and one day we will all wake up and find our country over run by ILLEGALS and Muslim Terrorists and there will be no one to help rectify the situation. This is the result of the constant assault on those who stand ready to protect this country and its borders. It is also a result of feel good policies that grant rights to non-citizens and criminals who do not deserve them.

Members of our military are under constant attack and when ever anyone makes a claim of abuse they are immediately believed. Members of the military are believed to have lied and must prove their innocence rather than the courts prove their guilt. In many cases charges are brought to appease someone of questionable credibility or to smooth over hard feelings with people from other countries. There is never any consideration given to the idea that the claimant is lying or has an agenda. Instead, our valiant men and women must not only fight a war on terror, they must also fight a war against their honor. The liberals in this country are particularly fond of pointing to our military and accusing them of horrific crimes without a shred of evidence. John Kerry and Jack Murtha are two such people. The liberals are only happy to point fingers at our troops while dismissing the acts of terrorists.

It is not bad enough that our troops are being excoriated for doing the job most people in this country have neither the will nor the courage to do but now we have border patrol agents being prosecuted for doing their jobs. Yes, as unbelievable as it seems, two border patrol agents were found guilty of obstruction of justice and violating the civil rights of some ILLEGAL piece of cow dung that was sneaking drugs into this country. The drug smuggler was able to file the complaint from his jail cell and the officers were tried and found guilty. There are many who say that evidence was withheld and that the jury has serious misgivings about the verdict they rendered. These officers are waiting to see if Congressional hearings and an appeal will change things for them.

Can you imagine this taking place in America? First of all, what civil rights does an ILLEGAL have? ABSOLUTELY NONE! They are here ILLEGALLY and if they would just shoot them when they are crossing the border then there would be no problems. Instead, we allow them in, let them bring their poison here, and then let them make claims against the very people who are here to ensure we have safe borders. Despite the best attempts of every politician in Washington, these folks are making a dent in the problem. The deserve to get medals instead of being prosecuted. Who could blame them if everyone walked off the job in protest of the way their fellow officers are being treated? Hell, it is hard enough recruiting people to do this thankless job in the first place. I guess since they were successful in getting one of the ILLEGALS the do nothing jackasses in government felt it was necessary to make examples of these two guys for actually doing their jobs.

Imagine if you were a bank guard and two guys, let’s make it two ILLEGALS, came in to rob the place. They pull out guns and say “dénos el dinero” (give us the money). You, as the bank guard pull your weapon and tell them to drop theirs (el dropo el pistolero, hombre’). They turn to shoot at you and you shoot them. Thirty years ago you get a medal, a write up in the paper and the Mayor wants to have you over for lunch. Now, you as the bank guard, would be sued by the one guy who made it but ended up paralyzed. You will be tried for excessive use of force, violation of civil rights and any other thing that the ACLU and the liberals in government can charge you with. Instead of being a hero for saving all the people in the bank and catching the robbers, you would be castigated for placing those folks in the bank in harm’s way by shooting at the bad guys.

We need to fix this problem and we need to do it quickly. First, there needs to be a complete review of the case to see if vital evidence was left out of the trial. If these guys are still found guilty then the President needs to pardon them and let them get back to work. Long term, the do nothing Congress needs to get up off their fat asses and work on legislation that gives immunity from civil suits based on claims made by ILLEGALS sneaking in this country. We also need to clearly spell out that ILLEGALS are not entitled to Civil Rights. These rights are bestowed upon LEGAL Citizens of this country. This whole liberal idea of hand holding Utopia and singing while ILLEGALS are welcomed with open arms as if they belong here has got to stop. Our border patrol agents need to be immune from frivolous things like claims from people who are breaking the law. If there is no credible witness then they are not charged. The border patrol agents need the same kind of immunity members of Congress claim when they are in trouble. It is the misapplied Speech and Debate Clause. If members can misapply that to be free from penalties in the performance of their duties then we need something similar for the border patrol agents. Come to think of it, we need this for our troops as well.

The US is heading in the wrong direction. Each day brings a new story about a person doing his job being prosecuted while those who are out to hurt this country are given a slap on the wrist. We give rights to terrorists that are better than the rights we give to our own troops, we prosecute border patrol agents for doing their jobs and let those who are caught sneaking in go with impunity and we give those, like Lynne Stewart, who help our enemies slaps on the wrists instead of the full burden of the law. We gave soldiers who were convicted of abusing prisoners longer sentences than we did the woman who was passing messages on to the terrorists so they could kill us. No matter how you slice it, that is wrong and it is a path that will lead to our eventual destruction. One day, there will be a crisis and no one will be there to answer the call. They will have either been jailed or said the hell with it, it is not worth the effort. Once this happens the people who want to destroy America will have succeeded and our government will have been only to happy to assist.

Stop the ACLU

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