When the Photograph CoUNTs…

When the shot counts

Perhaps Hillary Clinton should have thought about what was behind her. I do not know if this is real or shopped but if it is real I am absolutely certain the photographer took this angle on purpose.

The amazing thing is that the photograph has a certain truth to it, like it was karma or something…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (or a hundred grand depending on the picture).

Big Dog

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9 Responses to “When the Photograph CoUNTs…”

  1. Kat says:


    *ahem* Not that I’d ever think that…. *snerk*

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  2. Jo says:

    (snort) … coffee on the monitor …ROFL!!!LMAO!!!

    Jo’s last blog post..Diabetes in the News

  3. Lewanna says:

    Someone recoginized and had a good eye. Hidden messages are the best!

  4. Hehehe.

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  5. TRM says:

    Now this is just not nice,,, Hillary is such a wonderful and caring person, so experienced in the ways of the world, what if the poor chiiiiiillldren see this?

  6. Big Dog says:

    …what if the poor chiiiiiillldren see this?

    Then they will know.

  7. hdrk05 says:

    Although true this is a photoshop job
    the left arm cannot possibly bend at that angle
    the suit sleve is the wrong color and it looks like a mans hands…oh sorry they are Hill hands.
    Her new program: cant understand normal thinking