When Law Enforcement Ignores The Law

We have tyranny.

The People’s Republik of Maryland (PRoM) has gun control laws that infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens. Those laws are pushed by liberal law makers who can apply for and receive carry permits based on their political office (and many are lawyers, another protected class) or are protected by armed police officers (such as the governor).

The average citizen cannot get a carry permit without a good and substantial reason. The law does not define what good and substantial is but the Maryland State Police Superintendant (charged with issuing permits and appointed by the moron governor) has narrowly defined it to mean you have documented threats or carry large sums of money. So the average person is left to the criminal element because the state and its enforcement arm in the State Police refuse to follow the Second Amendment (shall not be infringed).

No one in Maryland needs to carry a gun because it is safe for us since criminals all obey the law.
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The Maryland State Police (MSP) plays games with the permit process and that is bad. It is also bad that the MSP, an agency charged with upholding the law, ignores the law.

The law regarding the purchase of a regulated firearm states that the MSP (also charged with investigating the purchase and disapproving or not disapproving it) has seven days to either disapprove or not disapprove. Since Maryland began working on even more unconstitutional gun laws (and eventually passing them) the sale of firearms has gone through the roof. People are waiting well over 100 days for a process that the law allows seven to complete.

The language used for a regulated purchase is either “disapproved” or “not disapproved” as opposed to approved or disapproved.

The law allows the transfer of a firearm after seven days if the MSP has not completed its statutory duty but many dealers will not do so for fear of backlash.

There are theories that the MSP is deliberately holding up the process in order to push the sales past October First in order to subject people to the more stringent anti gun laws including denying firearms that are legal now but will not be after 10/1. The MSP claims it is overwhelmed and can’t keep up.

That does not wash. Who cares if the MSP can’t keep up? It is bound by law to complete a certain action in a certain amount of time. If the MSP is unable to do that then it should issue a very clear memo to firearms dealers telling them to release firearms anytime after the eighth day. The MSP will not do that. It has released ambiguous memos. It has made clear that it prefers that the firearms not be released and the dealers do not want trouble. Keep in mind that the dealers would be following the law but would that stop the state from finding a reason to shut down a business?

Dealers have to think of their future (which is bleak in Maryland anyway).

Suppose some State Police Officer wrote a person a ticket for driving too fast and that ticket had to be paid within 30 days. Does anyone think that the police, the courts or the Motor Vehicle Administration would ignore any such person who decided that he was not going to pay the ticket for 100 or more days? Don’t get me wrong, plenty of people decide not (or forget) to pay tickets. BUT the state does not overlook it. Licenses are suspended, people are not allowed to reregister vehicles and warrants are issued. The state and its police expect YOU to follow the law (by not speeding and by paying fines on time) but it fails to hold itself to the same standard.

How do you think the MSP would treat a person who was given seven days to turn in all firearms because of a protective order and ignored that order? Suppose the person just decided he would wait 100 days. Do you think the police would show patience and say it was OK?

There is a law that specifically defines the time the MSP has to disapprove or not disapprove a regulated firearm purchase and the MSP is ignoring that law. It is asking for the firearm buying public to be patient while they work through the process.

Do you think they would exercise patience if YOU did not follow the law?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “When Law Enforcement Ignores The Law”

  1. Blake says:

    All theh democronies and their running dogs,(i.e. the police and other “law enforcement types”) are trying to do the unthinkable- do away with the second amendment in any way they can.
    They all need a good caning, at the very least.