When It Says Libby, Libby, Libby On The Letter, Letter, Letter

The Vice President’s Chief of Staff, I. Lewis Libby was indicted today on 5 counts in connection with the Plame investigation where a CIA agent who was not covert was supposedly outed. It is obvious that after 2 years no evidence was found to indicate that anyone “outed” this so called covert agent. But after 2 years and who knows how much money there has to be something to show. I read the indictment and it is hard for me to see how anything was a lie or perjury. I am not saying that things did not agree but who can remember what they had for dinner yesterday much less what was said and by whom 2 years ago. The other interesting thing is that when Libby’s testimony did not agree with Judy Miller’s, he was the one who they said lied. He might have and if he did then he is getting his due. Of course, the moonbats have him convicted and guilty even though this is only an indictment. Remember, only Republicans do not get due process.

I have seen some of the blogs. There has been mention that Libby was the highest ranking official in any administration to ever be indicted. I will remind everyone that is only because the decided that they had to wait until after Bill Clinton left office to indict him. I don’t even remember if he was even indicted when he left. I have read how the left is waiting for the hypocrite Republicans to say how this is no big deal. I will not say that because I have a respect for the rule of law. Libby was indicted and he will get his day in court. He resigned and that made a lot of moonbats happy. I just wonder why these same moonbats were not in favor of an indictment and resignation when their hero was in trouble. They, are the true hypocrites.
One other thing. There would have been plenty of high ranking officials in the Clinton administration being indicted but a lot of them mysteriously died.

I will say what I have said about all the others, Democrat and Republican. They are innocent until proven guilty. Let us wait and see what the jury of their peers has to say.

I know the moonbats are upset Rove did not get hung. I know they wanted him frogmarched out. He still night have troubles but if they are still digging after two years then there is nothing there. If he forgot a few things or had facts mixed up then it is not perjury. He and Libby should have taken the Clinton approach and said I do not remember or I do not recall. Which is interesting because for two people who could not remember anything they sure remembered a lot when they wrote their books.

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