When is a Fetus a Person?

The answer to that question might just be a bit hard to pin down. An unborn child is usually not considered a person and will be called a fetus or product of conception when the person carrying the child wants to rid herself of it. In that case she can go to the doctor who will stick a vacuum cleaner inside her and suck the “products” out. Sometimes the doctor reaches inside and pulls the fetus out piece by piece. Those little arms and legs do not belong to a person at that particular time.

However, let a person murder a pregnant woman and (assuming the fetus is not saved) that person is charged not only with the murder of the woman but also with the murder of the fetus, or baby she was carrying. I am puzzled as to how when the doctor ends the life it is not murder but if anyone else does it it is murder. The fetus does not magically change from a product of conception to a human being based simply upon who is killing it. It would seem that the states want to have two different definitions to describe a fetus.

Scott Peterson was convicted of two murders because he killed his pregnant wife and in Texas a man, Adrian Estrada, was found guilty of two murders because he killed his pregnant girlfriend. I believe that if both of these men killed their respective partners they deserve whatever the law can do to them but unless I am mistaken California (Peterson’s state) and Texas allow women to get abortions so if the woman and her doctor can remove the fetus and it is not murder, how exactly can it be murder in the case of these two men? The source article includes this interesting item:

According to the Web site of the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least 36 states have homicide laws defining a fetus as a person.

I still can not figure out how 36 states can have a law defining a fetus as a person and yet they allow that person to be murdered by abortion, a procedure they claim removes “products of conception.” Either it is a person or it is not a person. Before someone tries to tell me that the definition is for homicides so it is a person when a crime has been committed, take the time to think about the stupidity of that argument. A fetus can not be a human in one instance and not in the other. It just makes no sense and it defies logic. However, the fact that states have laws saying it is human is a huge step forward for unborn children.

Now, if we could only start prosecuting doctors for murdering those little humans we might actually get somewhere.

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3 Responses to “When is a Fetus a Person?”

  1. Raven says:

    Oh come on! YOU know when a glob of cells is aborted it is not a life…YET. When that glob of cells grows a little and develops hands and feet and eyes and moves, it is a fetus. Now when a glob of 2 1/2 month old cells is aborted, the little hands and feet might not have toes and fingers YET so…it’s still a glob.

    It’s sick BD. Life is life. To place value, more value on a life taken by murder or by abortion is a political ploy. Good for you to call them on this.

  2. Smokey says:

    BD – didn’t you know that when the mother is the one who wants to murder the child, it is “her choice”, yet even when she might want to have an abortion, but is murdered, that is fair game for any prosecution to make a political grand stand move for their own career.

  3. Virginia says:

    Abortion is Murder , period.