When ILLEGALS Sneak In, What Comes With Them?

There was a time when all immigrants came into this country through Ellis Island and they were checked to ensure they had the correct shots and were not carrying diseases. With all the ILLEGALS crossing the border unchecked we have no way of knowing what they are bringing with them. The CDC reports there are 30,000 new untreatable cases of TB in the US. The incidence of TB in general seems to be on the rise and there might just be other nasty little bugs sneaking in.

There is just no way of knowing if ILLEGALS are bringing in really bad diseases that could spread all over this country. When they get here they put a bunch of families in one house so they have large numbers of people living in close quarters which makes it real easy for disease to spread. Then they go out and get jobs where they handle food and interact with the public. This sets the table for the spread of disease. Imagine some ILLEGAL coming here, unchecked, and getting a job handling food. Doesn’t sound too bad but what if he has Hepatitis A? He will spread it to a lot of people who will ingest the disease with their food.

These ILLEGALS can also be exploited by terrorists. Suppose some terrorists got together and became coyotes and promised to get ILLEGALS in for a low amount of money. The, while all the ILLEGALS were together the terrorists could infect them with smallpox or some other disease (like bird flu) and get them into the US where they could go around spreading the disease like wildfire.

Just remember when Pedro comes into the US and says “Say hello to my little friend” he might have little friends that could make a lot of people very sick. Courtesy of your government’s inability to secure the border and deport ILLEGALS.

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2 Responses to “When ILLEGALS Sneak In, What Comes With Them?”

  1. Patsy says:

    Big Dog, I don’t understand what’s so difficult for Senators & Congressmen and the President to get through their thick heads; we don’t want anybody who came into our country illegally to get legal status without first going back to their country of origin and applying for legal entry to come back. We’ve ALREADY had an amnesty for illegals and it failed miserably. We did not enforce our borders with the last major bill passed in 1986, the problem is worse than it ever was and now we have terrorism threatening our way of life.

    We don’t want anyone to be given access to Social Security benefits unless they’ve PAID their ENTIRE share of LIFETIME contributions into the system. We are already paying for enough American non-contributors who are on SSI disability now. Who do these legislators think they’re talking to or trying to fool? They’ve lied to us so many times, do they really think we don’t know when we’re being play for fools?

    With regard to this North American borderless alliance, the President and Congress should know we don’t want any part of that either. I’d venture to guess that neither do the citizens of Canada, or the rich in Mexico, the peasants in Mexico might be a different story. This crap has got to stop. The politicians we elect have got to stop forgetting about those who voted for them when they get to Washington DC. They can’t thumb their noses at all of us continually and perpetually and we do nothing about it. We need to clean house — by that I mean both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

  2. Not enough is said about the threat from diseases which these illegals bring in.

    I myself fell victim to a terrible ENT virus when the waves of Cambodians/Vietnamese came in unchecked for disease back in the mid-70s. For six long months I suffered like a dog!

    Good post.