When Gas Was High Under Bush He Was A Big Oil Man

Gas prices went up under George Bush’s presidency and the left went nuts. They blamed it on Bush and Cheney because, as Nancy Pelosi attributed it, two oil men were in the White House. Yes, Pelosi and the rest of the brain dead liberals (but I repeat myself) blamed the high prices on Bush, Cheney and oil companies gouging consumers. The left initiated a few investigations into this so called gouging only to find out that it never took place.

As an aside, I made the point then and I make it again now, the only one gouging in all this is the government. State and federal government get many multiples of oil company profits in gasoline taxes. We pay them a lot of money and they do nothing to earn it. Martin O’Malley of Maryland is looking to raise gas taxes even higher to fuel (pun intended) his welfare state initiatives and big spending programs.

Bush has been out of office for more than three years but the left continues to blame him for everything. No matter the problem, to the left it is Bush’s fault.

Ironically, the left never gives him credit for anything he put in place that worked out well for them (like getting Bin Laden).

Gas prices are at an all time high for the month of March. The average is near $4.00 a gallon and the price has topped five (and is close to six) dollars in some places in the country.

Now the left, which was quick to blame Bush for the high prices under his tenure, is just as quick to tell us that presidents have little control over the cost of gasoline. It is amazing how quickly their tune changed when a Democrat suffers high prices.

As another aside, the high prices under Bush took place when Democrats controlled Congress.

The price people pay for gas is skyrocketing (something Obama and his regime want) and it is now an anchor around his neck. He keeps claiming that things are getting better and he saved the world from collapse but people on the ground, those whose children can’t jet off to a holiday in Mexico on taxpayer money, can see what things cost and how the cost is impacting their lives.

Obama falsely claims that drilling is up during his watch. The drilling is taking place on private lands as a result of what Bush did. Obama banned drilling in the Gulf, refused a pipeline, and has kept our oil rich lands off limits to oil drilling.

Obama’s policies have hampered our efforts to get more of our oil on the market.

He is doing it to force us into the green energies that he keeps wasting taxpayer money on.

Who will the left blame for the rising gasoline prices? It is not Bush’s fault and the left insists that presidents (at least Democrat presidents) can’t control gas prices so who will the left blame?

The left can set its sights on speculators but it loses credibility when one considers that the left discounted them and continued to blame Bush during his time in office.

Obama and his dim witted Democrats are playing politics at a time when the price of gas is hitting all time highs. They are desperately looking for scapegoats so they can keep Obama in office.

But the reality is that Obama is to blame. His policies have damaged the economy even further and he is rocketing us toward a Socialist state where government controls everything.

He is working us into a frenzy using the Cloward-Piven strategy.

It is time to work hard to dump this man before we end up living like Obama’s brother.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “When Gas Was High Under Bush He Was A Big Oil Man”

  1. Blake says:

    Obama is to blame for the rise in gas prices, as it is his policy that George Chu pursues, that Sebelius seeks to regulate, and Obama just keeps piling on, themn has that audacity to say he is not to blame- what rot!