When A Liberal Deserves A Beat Down

The left is fond of instilling fear in its supporters by talking about how mean and thuggish Republicans are. Despite the fact that most of the violence and vandalism reported is the result of liberals, the left still insists that we conservatives are the violent ones.

Recently, a McCain supporter was standing on a New York street waving a McCain sign. The McCain supporter was a small, middle aged woman who was wearing glasses. A man took exception to the woman and her display of support for McCain and he tore up her sign. She told him he could not do that and got another sign which he tore up and then broke the stick in half and beat her with it. He caused cuts and contusions to this woman who did not do anything to provoke the attack. The coward then tried to get away but police were notified and he was taken into custody.

This guy is a real hero. He picked on a woman who was being peaceful. You will hear little about this incident because the media cannot take time to publish anything that makes The One or his Kool Aid drinking followers look bad. It is too bad that this did not happen when the Gathering of Eagles or other veteran’s group members were around. This guy would have been taken into custody with a stick hanging out of his rectal cavity (but inserted neatly next to his head).

These people need to be dealt with harshly. This guy should pray he did this to a woman who did not fight with him. To me, this story would have had a better ending if it said “when police arrived, they found the attacker lying in a pool of his own blood, the broken end of a stick plunged through his heart.”

Let’s declare open season. Any liberal who gets physical gets taken down, all the way down. The only way they will vote on election day is with all the other dead folks ACORN registered.

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Big Dog

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22 Responses to “When A Liberal Deserves A Beat Down”

  1. Adam says:

    “Despite the fact that most of the violence and vandalism reported is the result of liberals, the left still insists that we conservatives are the violent ones.”

    I’d like evidence of this. How does one go about gathering a fact like that?

    So what’s your deal with ACORN anyway? Tell me again why it bothers you so much more that 100’s or 1000’s of names are fraudulently registered (with no evidence how many actual fraudulent vote come from it) yet you have no complaint when millions of legitimate Americans’ votes are uncounted?

    Maybe it’s just that you want to attack groups that register the poor and minorities. You seem to have a very elitist view of voting. Only the strongest, fittest, most financially secure shall vote! The rest? Well, they can suffer the Caging List, vote on a faulty machine if they do make it, and in the end have their vote tossed in a dumpster out back for bums to burn and stay warm at night. AMERICA!

  2. Big Dog says:

    Read the news. All the violence reported comes from Obama bots attacking or vandalizing. You are not so naive as to think if Republicans were doing it that it would not be front page news.

    ACORN has registered HUNDREDS of thousands of people erroneously. They do so each election cycle and a lot of those registration end up as votes. Looks like the New Mexico Democratic primary could have been full of illegal votes which is being investigate. At least 5000 dead people are registered in Houston and some of them voted in 2006 even thought they were dead then as well.

    There is no evidence that MILLIONS of people’s votes are not counted. It is the responsibility of people to ensure they are registered properly. I have a voter’s card because I made sure I was properly registered.

    You think it is bad when felons are told they can’t vote or when people who registered fraudulently (a transposed number is quite different from completely incorrect information) should be allowed to vote. You have no problem with the tens of thousands of people who have houses in New York and Florida and vote in both places. There is a great deal of voter fraud. In 1960 it cost Nixon the election and came from Chicago.

  3. Adam says:

    The problem with ACORN was that every day people were paid to get registrants so they faked the names to make a buck. There is no proof that these 1000’s of illegally registered names actually tie to any significant number of illegally cast votes and I challenge you to find me evidence to the contrary.

    In the end though I won’t pretend that this is mostly the problem of one party or another and I won’t pretend that fraudulent voting is not a big deal. I’m just saying that the number of people who are eligible to vote but who are for some reason or another not able to vote vastly outnumbers those who are not supposed to vote but do.

    You’ve mentioned what I’m talking about yourself before (though that time was blaming it on Gore). Look at this quote from Stars and Stripes:

    “Only about 992,000 of the estimated 6 million overseas voters were able to vote in the 2006 election, according to statistics from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.”

    The article is mainly about how 42% of the military overseas were not able to vote in 2006. That should hit you close to home. Probably more fine military folks living overseas had their vote spoiled in 2006 alone than the number of people who have voted fraudulently in all the years this country has held elections.

    Don’t you see what I’m getting at here? Why all the concern for illegals and terrorists and dead folks voting when it’s obvious what the bigger problem is?

  4. Big Dog says:

    It is easy to see why most of the military were unable to vote. The Democrats disenfranchise them with bogus rules.

    I know that hundreds of thousands of phony voted have been cast over the years. 1960 in Chicago, in Maryland governor’s races. The problem lies in that the dead who voted are discovered well after the election and no one wants to overturn it or revisit it.

    You fool yourself if you don’t think this is a big problem. You fail to see that ACORN does not work hard to register Republicans and that it is supposed to be unbiased and yet endorses Democrats. Regardless, our taxpayer money should not be paying them.

    As for overseas, were able to vote or willing to vote. It makes a big difference.

    I just don’t buy that millions of registered voters, that is LEGAL registered voters, are not allowed to vote. Sure, someone registers and gets to a poll and finds out he is not registered because he put in 72 ACORN applications and they all had different information then he should be taken off the rolls.

    How many people vote absentee in New York and then vote in Florida?

    Fraud is widespread. Look at Washington state. The election is close and they miraculously find 750 votes that were not counted even though their law says that it is illegal to count them they are counted and it changes the results. Unions are good at scaring up votes by discovering them.

    I will be glad when this is over. If Obama wins and has a Democratic majority lunkheads will not be able to blame Bush or Republicans for anything that happens. We can point our fingers and you won’t have your favorite target to blame (bogus as it is).

    If Obama wins he will pardon Rezko. In four years I will be happy to hear, it is all Obama’s fault when the new guys are running.

    I would like to see them dig deeper into his campaign contributions. There are too many anonymous donors and small amounts from the same place that add up to more than the max allowed. I also want to see them explain all the illegal funds from overseas (non citizens). I don’t expect you to want to see it because you only believe rules apply to Republicans.

  5. Adam says:

    The fraud that matters more is here on this site where you pretend to love this country and protect the Constitution yet you make a partisan judgment over voting rights. It’s one thing to disagree on policy which we do day in day out but it’s a whole other ballgame to have your head up your ass when it comes to the rights of people to vote.

    Add up any number of vote fraud examples you have and you won’t even come close to the numbers of uncounted votes each election which you refuse to admit exist. But there is no argument that the majority of votes uncounted involve the poor and minorities so it’s no surprise that you “just don’t buy” it. Your elitist and ignorant view of voting rights really sickens me.

  6. Big Dog says:

    Before you spout off Adam, show me in the Constitution where you have a right to vote.

    It is not in there. The Constitution says that each state will send electors to decide on the president and vice president. It does not in any way shape or form say that the people have a right to vote on the issue.

    STATES have decided that the way to choose those electors is for the people to vote for candidates. Then the state sends electors who represent the people to cast the ballots.

    So, before you spew about people’s Constitutional right to vote, know what you are talking about because none exists.

    You have yet to prove that the poor are not allowed to vote. What often happens is they just choose not to vote. Show me the studies and numbers that show all these poor fol;ks and minorities who can’t vote. Now it is not my fault that some will not be allowed to vote because they broke the law or other disqualifying factors, none of which I have anything to do with.

    My elitist view of voting rights? Once again, show me a right to vote. SHOW ME.

    Your lack of education is what sickens me.

    One thing though, everything I said here is my point of view and I damn sure have a Constitutional right to express it whether you like it or not and regardless of how sick you get.

    Typical liberal moron, deny others their rights but confer rights that do not exist on others.

  7. Adam says:

    And now with this constitutional right to vote? I never said anything about specifics in the constitution, I simply call into question your love for this country and the constitution when you have your head up your ass over one of the most basic and important parts. We have the right to vote, end of story. You can set up a straw man over the details if you want but you already know you’re completely wrong.

    I love how every now and then when somebody calls your facts into question you cry and hide behind the idea that they are infringing your constitutional right to expression. This “typical liberal moron” didn’t tell you that you couldn’t say it so dry it up you cry baby. I just pointed out that your idea has absolutely no basis in realty and that you are a fraud and a phony partisan hack because of it. But sure, you can continue with your fact free hackery, who am I to stop you?

    You want to tie voting to how much you pay in taxes and you want to enact legislation to make it even harder to vote. Next you’d probably go with a poll tax and maybe even a voting test to make sure you’re smart enough and wealthy enough to vote for the right person. We’ve disagreed on lots of stuff before but I can say for sure that the way you feel about voting is the one thing that truly and utterly sickens me. So good job.

    And to add icing on this cake, the same day you post an article talking about how a mean ole Obama supporter attacked a McCain supporter proving liberals everywhere are violent hypocrites…an Obama canvaser was attacked by a McCain supporter. Ironic?

  8. Russell says:

    You don’t see the irony in denouncing all those violent liberals, then proposing taking them down – “all the way down”?

    How about denouncing violence on either side? Then how about producing some hard evidence to support the “fact” that “most of the violence and vandalism reported is the result of liberals”.

  9. hdrk05 says:

    All voters should be required to show ID to vote. A government issued ID would be best. I know people like Adam dont like such things because it would make it almost impossible to vote 5 or 6 times. I dont care what lame ass party you are backing if there is fraudulent voting it needs to be stopped. Why have an election if we can vote as many times as we want or let the dead vote. Anyone that does not see this as wrong is brain dead!

  10. Russell says:

    First sentence:
    “The left is fond of instilling fear in its supporters by talking about how mean and thuggish Republicans are.”

    “The only way they will vote on election day is with all the other dead folks ACORN registered.”

    Seems like you’re your own worst enemy.

  11. Russell says:

    First point:
    “The left is fond of instilling fear in its supporters by talking about how mean and thuggish Republicans are.”

    Last point:
    “The only way they will vote on election day is with all the other dead folks ACORN registered.”

    Seems like you’re your own worst enemy.

  12. Big Dog says:

    Let’s get something straight dumb ass, don’t ever question my patriotism. While you were a sperm cell and Obama was out smoking dope I was serving this country in the Armed Forces, something neither you nor he have done.

    Show me in the Constitution where you have a right to vote. Once again, a dumb ass liberal makes a statement about straw men and details. The fact is, people voting is not mentioned in the body of the Constitution. Voting is a process the states use so how you vote is regulated by them.

    It should be hard to vote you moron. It should be a process that NEVER calls into question the integrity of the process. People should have to show an ID to vote and partisan hacks like the Ohio official should never be allowed to do what she is doing. There should be a process and ONLY ONE process to register to vote and it should require a birth certificate or some other papers to show you are eligible.

    The problem with morons is that they think the laws don’t apply to them. Just let illegals in to vote, just let Obama get more than the law allows and from people who are not allowed to donate (all proven) because it is the messiah.

    Where in the story did it say the person who attacked was a McCain supporter? Liberals are hypocrites. They claim violence is not the answer but then resort to violence.

    You are all high and mighty when it comes to some perceived right but you are in favor of taking away the right of people to keep and bear arms. Obama is anti gun and will work to take them away or restrict them ALL IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION. OK with you because like a typical lib you discard the parts you don’t agree with.

    I can show you the right to keep and bear arms. Can you show me the right to vote. The Constitution only says states will appoint electors in a manner that they see fit. They could allow the legislature to do it or they could allow a vote. The Constitution only says that anywhere there is a right to vote it will not be denied based upon a poll tax.

    You call into question my love for this country. Are you ready to fight for it? Are you? I served and if they called me out of retirement I would serve again. Have you and would you? NO so don’t ever question my love of this country.

    I question the patriotism of anyone who votes for Obama and that includes you.

    Russell, in case you are impaired, I said to take down any liberal who attacks like this person did. I am happy when there is no violence but I would not let some deranged jackass do this to me. He would be seriously life deficient.

    So read for comprehension. I call for a response of violence to violence. Problem with that? Too bad, go suck a lemon with Adam.

  13. Adam says:

    Listen up, chump. I don’t care how many years you served in the military or how much you think you love this country. I’ll call your love of this country into question ANY and EVERY time I see you make a statement like this: “It should be hard to vote you moron.” You should absolutely be ashamed of that viewpoint and I feel sorry for you just knowing that’s the way you feel…

  14. Big Dog says:

    And therein lies the problem with liberals. They don’t care about service to the country, only how easy they can make it to defraud America.

    It should not be so easy to vote that people can scam the system but you are too ignorant to see that.

    It is easy for you to man up and question my patriotism over the Internet. I expect that from the fringe elements who are more mouth than bravery. I never would have expected you to run off with words you know you would not say to my face.

    I pity you.

  15. Adam says:

    Oh brother…man up? What is this? Gradeschool? You’re a fool and this conversation has run it’s course…

  16. Big Dog says:

    No, it is not grade school. If it were I would not be talking to you since when I was in grade school you were a thought.

  17. Martin Altizer says:

    Too bad that the ‘conversation’ between you and Adam degenerated the way it did, but…You are right in every comment about Constitutional law, anD Adam shows himself to be a whiner who dodges the issues and uses “factoids” (read Hitlerian-style falsehoods, repeaed until blah blah blah)
    Note tha Dama did NOT refute your statement that he was (probably) not an armed forces veteran. It is a matter of fact that Obama is not. If I were to qualify voters, I would do as Heinlein suggested in Starship Troopers (the book, not the movie) that you must a discharged veteran to be allowed the franchise. Prove your patriotism, show willingness to shed your blood or sacrafice your life for your country.
    If you’re to chickenshit to show your valor , stand off about 800 meters. I could use some target practice. You’ll never hear it coming… 54/0 sums that up. Do you understand those figures, Adam? In service to my country…nuff said!

  18. Big Dog says:

    Martin, I regret that it degraded that way as well. usually Adam and I have civil conversations though he is a liberal, he usually has a good head on his shoulders. he is just wrong in his beliefs. It comes from having your head filled with liberal mush in college.

    I should have taken the high road but I do not believe my patriotism is in question nor will it ever be. I swore to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic. Obama and his ilk are domestic enemies. If he wins i will be keeping close tabs on everything he does.

    Of course, liberals will ignore anything he does that is wrong. the same liberals who have a heart attack when george Bush farts will excuse anything Obama does.

    Not me.

  19. Big Dog says:

    I realize there are some idiots out there so let me be clear. Open season is on those who become physical. If you are attacked, take them down. that is what the post says. It does not advocate attacking because people hold differing views. It advocates protecting yourself from people who get physical.

    So if you read my comments elsewhere, be sure to pay attention (unlike the morons) where it says “Any liberal who gets physical gets taken down…”

    Yes, there is room in society for people who hold this view. What we have no room for is those who use violence and intimidation to advance the candidate of their choice.

  20. Reason says:

    What Adam seems to miss is when the people performing voter registration are overwhelmed with thousands upon thousands of voter registration requests, which is the tactic ACORN uses, it increases the margin of error. People wonder about all the “Mickey Mouse, Ifeel Good, etc.” but they aren’t intended to be serious registrations, they are there to bog the system down, to overwhelm it, to tire out those processing the voter registration cards so that the guy who registers in 5 different counties slips through. So that dead people get sent absentee ballots. In order to commit voter fraud you must first commit voter registration fraud.

  21. ice9 says:

    There is no voter fraud. It’s a fabrication, part of a widespread effort to disenfranchise poorer voters, presumed to be democrats. That’s clear, and Dog, that’s unpatriotic, dishonorable, despicable, and unconstitutional. Read a freakin’ book, for god’s sake. The whole ACORN meme is bogus; registration fraud is reasonably common and comes from simple human greed but voter fraud is (I love this one): “Vanishingly small”. Google them if you dare.
    I’d accept that there is probably a lot more reg fraud on the ACORN side–because there’s a long and well documented history of vote suppression, and because vote suppression works. The attorney general, a hack moron, resigned over the firing of us attorneys because they–republicans all–refused to go along with the false tactic of finding vote fraud. There were less than a hundred indictments in the past four years for voter fraud in federal elections…and dozens of acquittals. It’s a crime with no payoff and a very high likelihood of discovery (despite the utterly bogus contention on the right, and here, that it’s widespread and undiscovered.)

    The purpose of this movement is to position the far barking-mad right for their role as obstructionists when some reasonable people (with education and half a brain) get control of the executive. Secondary purpose is to create the grounds for disputation and appeal of states like Ohio. What’s more unpatriotic than contesting a victory? Return to the “Sore Loserman” scenario in Florida. You will know the hypocrites because they will argue anything, no matter how completely they contradict themselves.

    Facts are inconvenient. I commend Adam for a clean and thoughtful argument, and a clear victory even in Dog’s own space. Funny how the dogster always plays the “I was serving when you were sperm” card. I’ll happily add my voice: your service is irrelevant to an argument about voter registration practices. Being a veteran doesn’t make you any more patriotic than the next yo, just like wearing a flag pin doesn’t make you a patriot. We all know plenty of people who served but also betrayed that trust. George W. Bush and Saxby Chambliss committed the same sin as Adam: they dared to accuse a vet of being unpatriotic. We all now–finally–see the dishonor in their tactics; the dog does not, because his vacuous notions have nothing else but a blustery sense of self-importance attached to military service a long time ago (and evidently little study since.)
    You are equally foolish whether you served or not. And I’d like you to take a guess whether I did, and you’ll see the problem. If I did, then you’ll call me a traitor; if I didn’t you’ll attempt to disenfranchise me as a liberal or a coward or something, anything, so you won’t have to face the bankruptcy of your “beliefs”. You want to weigh in on vets or the tactical situation you experienced, go ahead, but the notion of shamelessly tinkering with the system–which is in fact constitutional, or why would the Supreme Court rule on the Ohio case? Are they not a constitutional court?–it’s shameful and deeply unpatriotic. The pathetic Michele Bachmann should put you on her anti-american list. To disenfranchise citizens is among the most un-american things I can think of, and you are bought in and participating.

    Reason has added another arch-right Republican talking point on Acorn: that they are overwhelming the system. This is pure bunk. Moments ago right-wing morons were screeching about Brunner being a partisan–a democrat, so she must subvert her office’s mission to political considerations; doesn’t everybody?–but she was “confident” that the registrations would be ready for election day–until a republican lawsuit intended to–what exactly? It was the tactic of the republican vote challengers to have ready lists–to back up their profiling and focusing on low-income and black areas–and challenge everybody they could. STATED PURPOSE in their documents, now public: to slow down the vote, to stall the process, to intimidate voters, usually timid first timers. ALL who register by a proxy (ie ACORN) MUST show ID at the polls the first time–federal law!

    Damn, I’m worked up. I need to go out and club another McCain old lady with a bag of bogus registration cards and a Quran.


  22. Big Dog says:

    I have never said my service makes me more patriotic only that I have proved my patriotism.

    Voter registration fraud leads to voter fraud. And if there is so little fraud why do liberals cry so much when they lose. After 2000 all I heard from liberals was the massive fraud and the stolen election. You can’t have it both ways.

    I will not denigrate your service, if you served, unless you were dishonorable.

    Perhaps you should read the law. The SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Dems in Ohio based on a technicality. The people who brought the suit had no standing. They never said it was right or wrong, only that the people who brought the suit had no standing to do it.

    Why did we not have any problems when Bill Clinton fired all the US attorneys which included those investigating his dealings in Arkansas before he was elected?

    They serve at will and can be fired at will regardless of the reason.

    I do not believe in disenfranchising citizens, only ensuring those who are not allowed to vote don’t and those who do vote only do so once.

    Say what you want but this happens all the time. How many New Yorkers voted in New York and then in Florida while they were at their winter homes? How many made the election so close.

    If you want disenfranchisement why did the major networks call Florida for Gore when the polls were still open in the panhandle, a heavily Republican area where tens of thousands of people left the lines after hearing? What about the military and the votes not counted especially in PA and FL?

    I would rather lose an election than see people who are allowed to vote denied their vote but I will not stand for fraud.

    How about a mandatory 5 year sentence for anyone who registers fraudulently (including those who register them) or who vote fraudulently with no appeal.

    The process needs to be difficult enough that illegals can’t vote. Millions of them will in this election because of motor voter where they just have to check a box saying they are a citizen.

    Shouldn’t you have to prove you are a citizen before you register?

    Do me a favor Ice, attempt to club the old woman in my neighborhood.