What’s in Al Sharpton’s Genes?

Al Sharpton agreed to have his family roots traced and there is a result that has him floored. Records indicate that Sharpton might be related to Strom Thurmond through a great-grandfather. This would be the irony of all ironies. A black racist who is related to a white racist. The history of Sharpton is easy, he is a race baiting poverty pimp. Strom Thurmond was a big segregationist, especially in the early part of his career. He ran for the presidency and vowed to keep the US segregated. These stances were all taken while he was a Democrat. Thurmond became a Republican in the 1960s and his view on race softened over the years. It is known he fathered a child with a black woman.

Sharpton wants DNA testing to see if he is truly related. He says that he can not be any more shocked than he already is. It is interesting because Sharpton did not care for Thurmond because of how he lived his life (as a racist). Sharpton prefers his brand of racism to Thurmond’s. Be that as it may, this is funny. I imagine Thurmond is laughing his arse off over this one (where ever he happens to be). Imagine old Al worried he has some white folk blood in him. He will not be able to run around blaming whites for everything now because he was an oppressor! How sad is he? He was the oppressor and the victim.

Regardless of how this turns out I feel sorry for the family to have to be blood kin to such a racist. I hope the Thurmonds can just accept it and move on.

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3 Responses to “What’s in Al Sharpton’s Genes?”

  1. TexasFred says:

    I would love to find out that Al and Thurman are cousins, close cousins… Personally, I think it would be a ‘hoot’…

  2. Denny says:

    Al Sharptongue is one of the top 110 people screwing up America, isn’t he?

    But, I have come to bring you good news of great joy!

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