What’s In A Name? Donk’s Tongues Tied In Little Nazis

I have written several times about the left and its constant use of the word Nazi when referring to the President. Julian Bond, head of the NAACP, called Bush a Nazi and topped it off by indicating that blacks in high level positions in the administration were “tokens.” I was having a discussion with a co-worker who is a dyed in the wool Democrat. I think he lights candles and sings Kumbaya every morning before starting work. I told him that the left’s use of the term Nazi was offensive and he said “well Bush is a Nazi.” I indicated that he was no better than Julian Bond and that their remarks were as offensive as the N word. He immediately told me he found that word offensive and was very upset. He, of course, did not seem to understand that it works both ways.

This chap proceeded to tell me that Nazism was a political belief and that this is the reason that the moonbats call the President a Nazi. I will admit that Nazism is a political philosophy but it is one that espouses white supremacy and dedication to the Fuhrer. The fact remains that when the moonbats use that term they are using it in a disparaging way to equate the President and his administration to a philosophy that was responsible for the death of millions of people simply because of their religious beliefs and hundreds of thousands more in a quest for world domination. This is an offensive remark and it is intended to be that way regardless of what the moonbats say. I told him that a plantation was not a bad thing and that it was a place where vegetation is cultivated. He agreed but then when I told him that Hillary used that word in a disparaging way he excused her behavior because according to him, she was telling the truth!

Now we have a story about a young man who went into a gay bar in Massachusetts and hacked up a bunch of people with a hatchet. He then fled to Arkansas where he shot and killed a police officer. He was killed in a shoot out with the police. What does this have to do with the topic?

Investigators said the high school dropout from New Bedford, Mass., had dabbled in Nazism, and police there said the attack that injured three men, one critically, at the Puzzles Lounge on Thursday was a hate crime. (emphasis added by this author)

Now do you suppose they made the reference to Nazism to tell us he believed in a political philosophy or that he was a white supremacist who felt he was superior to gays and anyone not white? I’ll bet that anyone reading this knows it is meant in the latter. It was meant to show he was a bad person and that is why he would have been tried for a hate crime (among other things).

The co-worker tried to dismiss my feelings about the use of the word. He said he saw nothing wrong with it. I then informed him that I might be inclined to beat the hell out of anyone who called me a Nazi and he decided that our conversation was over. The next time you hear a moonbat call the President or anyone else a Nazi, inform them of how offensive that word is.

My co-worker is getting his information from the DNC talking points. That is the same place all the terrorists get their information and so do people like Hugo Chavez.

“The imperialist, genocidal, fascist attitude of the U.S. president has no limits. I think Hitler would be like a suckling baby next to George W. Bush,” Chavez said from a stage decorated with a huge red image of himself as a young soldier.

Who knew the DNC put out their talking points in other languages?

Source 1: My Way News

Source 2: Reuters

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