What’s Good For The Goose

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico has a few problems. First he is a democrat. Second, he likes to endanger the general public while breaking laws he would have you fined for. The Governor has a lead foot, or more precisely, his driver does. Seems that recently Richardson’s driver, a NM state police officer, did not stop for an Albuquerque police officer who wanted the Governor to stop because he was speeding.

He is the same Governor who ordered his driver to go faster on the way to a political function when the driver was already traveling in excess of 100 mph! This was witnessed by a reporter who was traveling with the Governor at the time. Of course, a spokesperson for the Governor says it was all a simple misunderstanding. you see, the Governor is an important person and they did not know the person in the unmarked car in plain clothes was a police officer.

Let us examine this. How do you think the courts in NM or any other state would treat you if you failed to stop, citing the same reason? Do you suppose that you would not have been arrested when they finally caught up with you? Would you have been treated in the same manner? How much do you think your ticket would be? Once again we have a democrat telling you how you have to do things but failing to follow the very same rules. Richardson is happy when his officers write tickets for speeders because he gets more money in the state coffers. He however, fails to follow the same laws the people in his state are expected to adhere to.

Do you think if you told the judge you did not stop because the guy did not have a marked car or uniform it would fly? I think it is a better defense for the average citizen. After all, the average citizen does not have an armed officer as his driver. Perhaps it is unnecessary for the Governor to have a driver because he does not stop anyway. This might actually be credible if the Governor started speeding after the other officer tried to stop him. He was flying before the events unfolded so he was breaking the law before he thought he might be in danger. One day this Governor is going to kill someone in an accident. Let us just hope his is the only vehicle involved.

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