What’s A Few Bumps In The Road To Obama?

Barack Obama is well known for using people as he sees fit and then throwing them under the bus. He threw his Pastor and his grandmother under the bus during the last campaign and when they arrived there it was very crowded. It is safe to say the driver of that bus experienced bumps from running over those Obama left in his wake.

It is one thing for a politician to throw people under a bus. Politicians are cold, calculating people who will sell their souls in order to get and keep power. But it is entirely different when the politician is the president and he throws the dead bodies of American citizens under the bus.

On the CBS Show 60 Minutes Barack Obama described the crisis in the Middle East as bumps in the road. It is not bad enough that Obama’s policy of bowing down and apologizing coupled with appeasement has led to the Muslim Brotherhood taking over in the Middle East (and maybe the White House) but Obama’s pandering has resulted in the deaths of four Americans.

Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy and his inability to ensure our interests are protected resulted in the rape and murder of our Ambassador and the deaths of three others. Barack Obama has the audacity to call these developments bumps in the road.

I am sure that the families of these people do not see this as a bump in the road. Their lives have been torn apart and turned completely upside down because the president of this country is unable to lead, is unable to protect and has failed in his basic responsibility, to keep this country and its citizens safe.

These people worked for Obama (either directly or indirectly) and it was his responsibility to ensure they were safe but he failed at that, he failed them and he failed our country.

While Obama seems to be comfortable dismissing the murders of our people as evidenced by the ease with which he dismissed their deaths while throwing them under the bus, no one with any grasp of reality can possibly be comfortable with the murder of our people.

The only bumps in the road are those encountered by the driver on the Obama bus and those bumps now include the bodies of American citizens murdered because of his complete incompetence.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “What’s A Few Bumps In The Road To Obama?”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    Would anyone reading this think it was a bump in the road if it was your husband, son, brother, etc? I think not. How much more is the President going to mock the American people?

  2. Blake says:

    Much more, if we have the bad luck for him to be re-elected.