What You Won’t Find In Romney’s Tax Returns

Harry Reid has made the claim that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for the past ten years. This is a matter of public record even though Obama followers will tell you that Reid only said he was told that Romney paid no taxes. Reid though, went on the Senate floor and said it was known that Romney paid no taxes. Reid made this allegation and then said it was up to Romney to prove otherwise by releasing his tax returns.

Though it does not surprise me that a Democrat would lie I am amazed that a guy like Reid would make such accusations considering that Reid was not wealthy when he entered the Senate and is now worth millions of dollars. Reid has been involved in shady real estate deals and involved in legislative actions that were designed solely to enrich HIM. Harry Reid will tell you he has released his financial disclosure forms but he has not released his taxes. I would like to see those for the time he has been in the Senate so we can see exactly how he got rich. I believe he got rich by breaking the law and it is up to him to prove otherwise.

Now Barack Obama has an ad out that implies Romney paid no taxes. This is an act of desperation. The Obama regime has no dirt on Romney and there are no divorce records or criminal records for him to have his cronies unseal. Romney is pretty clean when it comes to those things so the Obama regime must get into Romney’s tax records so it can manufacture a myth about Romney not paying taxes.

Romney has paid more in taxes than most of these people have earned in their lives but this will matter not to the Obama throng.

Does anyone find it hypocritical that the regime that selected tax cheat Tim Geithner to be Treasury Secretary is saying it needs Romney’s tax returns to prove he paid them?

I have never seen Romney’s tax returns but he has released those for the last two years. We can only imagine that all his others are like these. They have complicated dealings with all kinds of calculations and additions and deductions for more transactions that most of us will ever deal with in our lives. They are very complicated and it would be quite easy to manipulate the numbers to give the impression that Romney did something wrong. This is what the left wants to do.

As an aside, I looked at Barack Obama’s tax returns and they are quite complicated as well. He has income from his book deals and he had money he transferred to his children as gifts. These gifts were then written off his taxes. How would the left feel if people went through those tax forms and said Obama gave those gifts to reduce his tax burden (he is rich so why did he do it)? Keep in mind that anyone could go through Obama’s complicated taxes and make things appear bad just as they could do for Romney.

Romney’s tax returns, like those of Obama and countless other wealthy people, are complicated and those who dig deep enough can find things that could be spun to appear questionable.

But there is absolutely one thing that cannot be found in Romney’s tax returns and that is:

Nowhere in Romney’s tax returns will anyone find the reason that Obama has performed so terribly over the last four years.

That’s right. The reason Obama has done a terrible job is not in Romney’s tax returns.

The only thing that the left will find is another set of distractions to keep people from focusing on how bad Obama has done and how terrible our economy is.


Quit looking at the shiny stuff and pay closer attention to what is going on.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “What You Won’t Find In Romney’s Tax Returns”

  1. Eoj Trahnier says:

    That is so true, BD.
    The liberals are past masters at the game that goes, “I say you (enter any malfeasance, perversion or crime) and YOU have to prove you didn’t!”
    They did it to Sarah Palin, and they still do it to Rush, and Obama is doing it to Romney.

    And we can see thew same thing when we try to debate with liberals on the internet. Any site you want to pick, liberals make asinine accusations and hammer away at them, using every logical fallacy, every insult imaginable, and never giving a straight reply, and certainly NEVER an apology when they are proven wrong. They just Move On . org.

    Just as they did in the world economics, world social realms, (like their rape of Rhodesia and South Africa) and in world moral values.

    It is obvious to anyone with a brain that the reason the world is in such terrible condition is because of liberals. Conservative concepts didn’t make the problems we are experiencing today.

    Liberals, 50 years of uninterrupted proof that they are not fit to lead free people.

    • Big Dog says:

      Hell, I say nearly 100 years with the progressives of the early part of the last century! Darrell who used to come here (I banned him for lying about me) used to put up strawmen and attack them. He was good at cutting and pasting things and taking stuff out of context. It is commonplace. Bush killed babies and drank their blood, what do you have to say about that? Prove he did not do it….