What You Get With Obama

No religious freedom (unless you are a Muslim)

The issue with the Mount Soledad Cross has been going on for over two decades but the Obama regime is the one not fighting for what is right:

Originally, the U.S. Justice Department defended the cross memorial. However, when President Barack Obama was elected, the government’s defense of the memorial under Attorney General Eric Holder seemed to become lackluster, and the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial Association stepped in to bolster the defense. Breitbart

The Just-Us Department is a joke.

Judges, on the other hand, are tyrants in black robes. Is it any wonder people want to get rid of them first when there is an uprising?

Al-Qaeda is taking charge in Iraq

Once Obama took over in the US there was no doubt he would work to end the war in Iraq. He was warned that if he telegraphed our end date and if he withdrew too soon there would be a vacuum and it would be filled by bad people. The smartest man in the world ignored this and now al-Qaeda is taking charge in Iraq:

Ten years after the capture of Saddam Hussein, Iraq is at risk of becoming a failed state again as al-Qaeda reclaims vast swathes of the country. Telegraph UK

One might think Obama is incompetent or arrogant (both are true) and that this happened because of his inexperience and inability to listen. In reality, he likes the Muslim terror groups and is happy. He probably helped this along to ensure they would regain power.

Maybe he will starve to death

Rahm “Twinkle Toes” Emanuel will fast for 24 hours to show solidarity with illegal immigrants. He believes that the time is now for immigration reform which is lib speak for amnesty for illegals. Those here legally have nothing to worry about and those who want to come here legally have nothing to fear (except that they will die waiting for government to get them cleared to enter) so “reform” is for illegals (or as we call them, new Democrats).

Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to fast for 24 hours beginning later Thursday in support of the push for immigration reform, saying “we are sending a clear message to Congress that the time is now.” DNA Info Chicago

If he wants to show solidarity he should walk across the desert from Mexico. better yet he should walk TOWARD Mexico (and stay there).

And take this one with him

Dick Durban, idiot Senator, has decided to join the fast in order to help out new Democrat voters AKA, illegals. Perhaps Durbin can hire some of those illegals to clean his filthy house and some others to make repairs around the place. He and two fellow Senators live like pigs in a house they don’t take care of. A few illegals paid under the table might clean up the mess.

Perhaps he will kick the bucket from the fast and then a few day laborers can make a couple of bucks digging his grave.

More Obamacare Failure

Looks like the regime wants insurance companies to bail it out. With the massive failure of the Obamacare launch there is no guarantee that people will sign up, that if they do they will have insurance, and that if they have insurance they will pay anything for it when it starts. The regime wants insurance companies to insure people starting January 1, 2014 even if their plans are not in order and even if they have not paid a thing.

What Obama wants is to avoid a lot of people who think they are covered showing up to the ER or a doctor’s office and being denied for LACK of insurance. In other words, Obama wants to make it look like all is going well so that a lot of people won’t get screwed over and further highlight the failure of Obama and Obamacare.

In other words, if you applied for Obamacare, have not been enrolled, have not paid a dime, and get sick on January 1, the Obama administration now wants insurance companies to pay for your care before you ever pay a dime. Furthermore, they want you to get care for which you will not be approved under your insurance plan. Truth Revolt

As you can see there are other things Obama wants insurance companies to do to help out. Insurance companies should say NO and if people are denied then they should be told exactly why they are denied, because Obama screwed things up.

Sometimes pain is the best teacher. Obama followers need to experience a lot of pain because they are pretty dense and it will take quite a bit to get their attention.

Why should insurance companies bear the brunt of this when Obama inflicted it?

Keep in mind for 2016, Hillary is as bad as or worse than Obama…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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  1. Blake says:

    Durbin NEEDS to fast- for about a week, judging from his portliness-