What Will They Tax Next?

Seems that the government is not happy with taxing everything in our lives. They tax our income, they tax our purchases and they tax the money we leave behind when we die. I have often said that if the government could find a way to tax air they would. Well, they have come close.

In New Hampshire people who own property with a nice view are paying extra taxes because of the view. Folks with homes that are very modest (like no electricity or running water) are paying extra taxes because it looks nice outside their windows! This “view tax” is absolutely asinine. How can they put a value on a view? What if it looks really nice to one person and not so nice to another? How would they mitigate that conflict? Suppose the government put up something like power lines that made the view crappy. Would they then give a tax rebate because of the crappy view?

The one-room cabin David Bischoff built in a cow pasture three years ago has no electricity, no running water, no phone service and no driveway. What it does have is a wide-open view of nearby hills and distant mountains _ which makes it seven times more valuable than if it had no view, according to the latest townwide property assessment. He expects his property taxes to shoot up accordingly.

Imagine having to pay extra taxes for the luxury home described above. The guy can’t even shower or make a phone call and they are going to tax his view. I am absolutely certain that one day there will be a tax on air. Of course they will exempt hot air so politicians will not have to pay.

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