What to Expect Next from the Clintons

The next few weeks will be very interesting with regard to the Democratic Primary race. John Edwards has vowed to stay in and he will continue to pester Hillary. Obama, who must be somewhat stunned to lose after a “10 point lead” was predicted a few days ago, will probably take off the gloves and start striking Hilary. I think he learned from the pros this past week when the Clintonista mafia gang spread nasty stories about Obama and abortion just before the vote leaving little time for rebuttal. No matter what anyone thinks about the Clintons, they are a political machine and they know how to get dirty, very dirty. So what should we expect to come from them next?

Playing on the perceived strength of their action not talk remodeling, they will continue to attack Obama as a man who talks a good game while Hillary has lived that game. If this were their only plan it would fail but I expect we will be hit with a softer side of Hillary where she feigns a few tears every once in awhile and where Bill cries for his beastly wife like he did last evening. Bill will go around biting his lip (as opposed to biting the lips of his rape victims) and will tell us how hard Hillary works and how proud he is of her. He will also tell us lies about her record.

There will also be a healthy dose of the word comeback. The Clintons will try to get comeback into everything they can because it will wax nostalgic for the retread hippies who supported him as president. It will also bring back memories of the drug induced euphoria the Clinton supporters felt during his time in office. The Clintonista gang will use comeback quite a bit to make Hilary look like a fighter while she musters up a few tears to seem human. Make no mistake, her tears were as phony as a three dollar bill and she will use them if she thinks they provide an advantage.

I expect that Obama and Clinton will be in through Super Tuesday. I doubt Edwards will last that long but as long as he is in he will harass Clinton and Clinton, the “comeback kid” will harass Obama while turning on her tears of a clown. I was hoping she would lose yesterday and meltdown so that she could drop out and we could finally be rid of the vermin known as Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is Satan.

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “What to Expect Next from the Clintons”

  1. bill says:

    Syl, Can you believe in Mrs Satan?
    Love Bill

  2. irtexas44 says:


    The choking up routine was pathetic. She never does anything that isn’t scripted and planed out. Is that she will do when she has to handle the shooting match? Not likely. She will probably come out in a gray suit, high black boots with a riding crop tapping against her leg. I wonder if she will add a black mustash?

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