What Part of Illegal Don’t They Understand?

Julia Vitullo-Martin of the WSJ Opinion Journal has a piece out (from Friday) that describes how immigrants have helped American cities revitalize. This should come as no surprise to those who read the OJ because they are basically a group of people who espouse open borders. The piece focuses on the town of Hazleton and its recent attempts to get rid of Illegals. Martin starts out describing the situation and mentions illegals and she talks about how 10,000 undocumented immigrants put Hazleton in the black and revitalized the city. I gues the high crime is the price to pay for economic safety. Of course, her piece does not mention how many LEGAL immigrants are in Hazleton and she does not explore any other reason for the turn around.

Be that as it may, I find it hard to believe that anyone would sanction the invasion of America by ILLEGALS for the sake of revitalizing cities many of which have been abandoned by middle class whites and blacks alike because those very cities became dangerous places to live. I listened to Martin on the Ron Smith radio show on WBAL in Baltimore and after the initial discussion the word illegal was not used again. I don’t think there are many among us who would dispute the contribution that immigrants have made in this country, hell all of us originated from immigrants, but the fact is illegal is illegal.

I welcome those who come here legally with open arms and I know that most of them will contribute to this society. The problem is, illegals show up and they work under the table, they suck up resources without paying for them, and with them comes a huge increase in crime. I could tell from the interview that Martin is enamored with illegals (though she just calls them immigrants) and that she thinks we should be praising them for revitalizing our cities. Sure, I am going to praise people for coming in and making the cities densely populated conclaves of people who vote for the Democratic Party so they [the illegals] can enjoy more off the back of the taxpayer.

If we want cities revitalized why don’t we ensure that there is a reasonable process by which people get to come here in a legal status. Then those people could populate the cities and pay taxes like the rest of us. They are generally hard working and those who come here the right way care enough to make a difference and to try to better their lives. This whole idea that we should be bowing down to those who sneak in here in the middle of the night is a bunch of mindless prattle. We should be throwing them in jail, or better yet, we can put them in labor camps building a 2000 mile wall on our southern border.

I really wonder how it is that people can ignore the whole illegal part of this. If I robbed a bank in order to make my life better but I used some of the money to revitalize a youth center in the city, do you suppose the government, or Ms. Martin, would excuse my behavior? I wonder how Martin would feel if she arrived at her home today and a family of illegals had broken in and made themselves at home. How would she feel if they ate her food, spent her money and then went to the doctor and had the bill sent to her? Do you suppose she would excuse this behavior if she saw that they painted the place and did her landscaping? More likely she would call the police faster than Rosie can down a triple cheese pizza.

The problem with the illegal immigration debate is that there are many who want them here. This is particularly true of Democrats who view them as votes and the quest for power will always trump sovereignty in the mind of a Democrat. We need to ensure that those who are supposed to be here are welcomed and we need to ensure that those who are not are given a swift boot in the ass and sent on their way back home.

If America does not wake up soon we will be the only country in history to be invaded and conquered without a shot being fired. When that happens you can thank people like Martin who sugar coat the issues and ignore the real problems.

Big Dog

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