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There is a great website that has information for conservatives called Outside the Beltway. There is an interesting take on a letter from the Democrats. I think those who are right minded will enjoy reading the articles at this site. If you really want to read what veterans are saying about Kerry you need to go to the Special Forces against Kerry Site. They make some great points and are very focused on their mission; to keep Kerry out of office.
Just got done watching the speeches. Zel Miller was great and Dick Cheney was right on target. Unfortunately, there were those in the media wing of the Democratic party that said Miller and Cheney exaggerated when they said that Kerry said he would deploy troops at the direction of the United Nations. Well my friends, John Kerry did in fact state that very thing in the Harvard Crimson in 1970. You can go to the link and read these words “I’m an internationalist. I’d like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations.” Now I know it was a long time ago but a man is responsible for his actions no matter when he took them. Hell, John Kerry keeps talking about Vietnam which happened before his statement. So, as far as I’m concerned, this is fair game.
The media should check things out before they report. It is more difficult than marching lock-step with the Democrats but it keeps them from putting their feet in their collective mouths!
I believe what was pointed out tonight at the Convention:

Kerry sees two Americas which is mutual because America sees two Kerrys.

John Kerry is against outsourcing jobs but wants to outsource direction of our military to the United Nations.

America does not need a Commander-in-Chief that comes in 57 varieties.

We need four more years of George W. Bush to keep us safe.
God Bless America

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